City of Shawnee

Amendment Policy

The Shawnee Municipal Court's policy for requesting traffic tickets, that are moving violations, be amended to non-moving violations, is as follows. 

A defendant, 19 years or older, who has been issued a citation for a moving violation MAY be eligible for an amendment to a parking violation for either double or triple the fine if they fall within the following parameters:

    1. There was no accident.
    2. The occurrence was not in a school zone.
    3. The occurrence was not in a construction zone.
    4. The Defendant has not had a prior amendment in the City of Shawnee within the past 12 months (not calendar year).
    5. The Defendant was going less than 21 miles per hour over the speed limit.
    6. The offense is a standard-fine offense. Speeding, failure to stop at a stop sign, failure to yield, and failure to signal are examples of standard fine offenses. If the ticket lists a fine amount on the front of the ticket, it is probably a standard fine offense. Any other offenses require a personal court appearance.
    7. The Defendant does not have too many tickets in his/her past. This is totally at the discretion of the Prosecutor.
    8. The violation was not Overtaking and Passing School Bus, Ordinance 2692, Section 81.
    9. The Defendant does not have a commercial driver's license.

If you fall within these parameters, you may call the court for approval to amend the ticket. Whether to grant the amendment or not is entirely discretionary with the prosecutor. AN AMENDMENT IS A PRIVILEGE, NOT A RIGHT. Please keep this in mind as you deal with Court Staff. You must have the money to pay the fine in full at the time the amendment is granted. NO TIME TO PAY WILL BE GRANTED.

For drivers 18 years of age or younger, you will be required to appear in Court with a parent to meet with a Prosecutor to discuss whether or not you are eligible to have your charge amended to a non-moving violation, and any requirements for such amendment.

If you are interested in having your ticket amended, you MUST contact the Shawnee Municipal Court prior to your court date. The court clerks will be able to determine if your ticket falls within the above guidelines to be amended. If you are able to have your ticket amended the court clerks will be able to assist you with the payment amount and procedure.