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    Caring For Kids

In 2013, four Shawnee pastors, Chris Winn, Don Lewis, Matt Adams and Matt Miller, approached the Mayor and City Manager and simply asked the question: “How can we serve our city”? They explained they have thousands of residents attending their services who also wish to make a difference in our community, but they simply do not know the needs of our city. That started a conversation that led us to identify four areas of need that the city would like to engage people to help with, including;

  • Community Needs
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Education
  • Spiritual Support

We put together four catalyst teams with city staff and faith community leaders to hear the needs of our community and to strategize how to collaborate to meet those needs.

Today, the momentum from this basic question has grown into quarterly meetings comprised of faith communities, city representatives, and other service-based organizations coming together to solve problems and share resources. Some of the initial needs identified have been met through great programs such as: Caring for Kids, Neighbors Helping Neighbors, the Chaplaincy Training program, and Community Response Team. As needs are met, new needs are identified and the momentum to work together to bring about community change through community involvement continues.

We invite any interested organizations, faith communities, neighborhoods, and individuals to contact the City’s Volunteer Coordinator at (913) 742-6244 or [email protected]

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