City of Shawnee

Downtown Partnership Grant Program

Downtown commercial property owners undertaking exterior improvements may be eligible for a grant for $2,000-$5,000. A grant will be awarded as reimbursement for actual costs for architectural services and/or construction costs or material for exterior remodeling or new construction. Eligible improvements include, but are not limited to: facade restoration, window/door repair or replacement, masonry, awnings, signage, exterior lighting, painting, and landscaping. New construction is also eligible. Improvements undertaken in the pedestrian zone must conform to the Downtown Design Guidelines.

To be eligible for a $2,000 grant, a property owner must show receipts for work or service performed totaling more than $5,000. In addition, a total of five (5) $5,000 grants will be available each year for property owners in the Pedestrian Zone and the South Nieman Road Zone making at least $10,000 in improvements.

For more information, contact Lauren Grashoff at (913) 742-6226.