City of Shawnee

Employee Benefits

The City of Shawnee values the contributions each employee makes every day toward the success of the workplace. The importance of being able to provide our employees and their families with quality benefits as part of their overall compensation package is a high priority. As a result, the City has developed a comprehensive benefits package that delivers quality and value while satisfying the diverse needs of our workforce.

Medical, Dental, and Vision

Full-time and regular part-time City of Shawnee employees may participate in the comprehensive health insurance plan offered through Blue KC Health Insurance. Eligible dependents may also participate.

Full-time and regular part-time City of Shawnee employees may choose to participate in the dental insurance plan offered through Delta Dental of Kansas. Eligible dependents may also participate.

Full-time and regular part-time City of Shawnee employees may choose to participate in the voluntary vision plan through Surency. Eligible dependents may also participate.

Time Off
Paid Holidays
New Years Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Holiday (following Friday)

Personal Day
Employees are eligible for one personal leave day after completing one year of full-time employment. Personal days may not be carried over from year to year. Employees may opt to be paid in lieu of taking the day off.

Vacation Leave
Accrual schedule for full-time positions

Years of Employment

Accrual Accumulation
per Pay Period

Accumulation per Year

0 to 1

3.08 hours

80.08 hours

2 to 3

3.70 hours

96.2 hours

4 to 7

4.62 hours

120.12 hours

8 to 11

5.54 hours

144.04 hours

12 to 15

6.77 hours

176.02 hours

16 to 19

7.08 hours

184.08 hours

20+ years

7.70 hours

200.2 hours

Accrual schedule for regular part-time positions



Three-Quarter Time

Years of Employment

Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period

per Year

Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period

per Year

0 to 1

1.54 hours

40.04 hours

2.4 hours

62.4 hours

2 to 3

1.85 hours

48.10 hours

2.77 hours

72.02 hours

4 to 7

2.31 hours

60.06 hours

3.47 hours

90.22 hours

8 to 11

2.77 hours

72.02 hours

4.16 hours

108.16 hours

12 to 15

3.39 hours

88.14 hours

5.08 hours

132.08 hours

16 to 19

3.54 hours

92.04 hours

5.31 hours

138.06 hours

20+ years

3.85 hours

100.10 hours

5.77 hours

150.02 hours

Accrual schedule for shift firefighter positions

Years ofEmployment

Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period

Accumulation per Year

0 to 1

4.31 hours

112.06 hours

2 to 3

5.28 hours

137.28 hours

4 to 7

6.43 hours

167.18 hours

8 to 11

7.94 hours

206.44 hours

12 to 15

9.46 hours

245.96 hours

16 to 19

10.20 hours

265.20 hours

20+ years

10.97 hours

285.22 hours

Sick Leave


Accrual Accumulation per Pay Period

Accumulation per Year


3.7 hours

96.2 hours

Part-Time (3/4 time)

2.78 hours

72.28 hours

Part-time (1/2 time)

1.85 hours

48.1 hours

Shift Firefighter

5.17 hours

134.42 hours

Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS / KP&F)
All eligible employees are enrolled in either the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS) or the Kansas Police & Fire Retirement System (KP&F). Employee contribution percentages of gross wages are set by the State of Kansas. City contributions are actuarially determined each year and are a higher percentage than contributed by the employee.

Deferred Compensation
The City of Shawnee participates in the State of Kansas Deferred Compensation Program. Deferred compensation is an optional plan that allows employees to postpone receiving part of their current salary until retirement. Employees pay no federal income taxes on the salary deferred or on any investment earnings until received.

Defined Contribution 401(a) Savings Plan
Employees are eligible to enroll in a voluntary Defined Contribution 401(a) Savings Plan. Employees who elect to participate in this plan contribute their dollars to the KPERS (Empower) Deferred Compensation 457(b) plan. The City contributes matching dollars (up to 4%) in the 401(a) Plan currently administered by KPERS Empower.

For employees hired on or after January 1, 2013, the City will make the following matching contribution:

Employee 457(b) Contribution

City’s Matching 401(a) Contribution

1% or more, but less than 2% of base salary

1% of base salary

2% or more, but less than 3% of base salary

2% of base salary

3% or more, but less than 4% of base salary

3% of base salary

4% or more

4% of base salary

Other Benefits
Life Insurance
The City of Shawnee offers life insurance through Cigna Insurance. The City pays 100% of the individual premiums.

Short Term Disability (STD)
The City funds an employee short-term disability (STD) plan through Cigna.  The plan is designed to provide a portion of an employee's income when they are not able to work due to an illness or injury that is non-work related.  The plan allows for 60% of salary replacement (up to $600 per week) for up to 26 weeks.  This benefit has a 14 day waiting period and all paid time off must be exhausted before a claim can be filed. 

Parental Leave
Paid parental leave is available to employees to care for and bond with a newborn, newly adopted or newly placed child.

Section 125
The City of Shawnee offers a Section 125 plan in accordance with Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, whereby employees may have money for medical and dental insurance premiums, medical reimbursement and dependent care deducted from their paychecks tax deferred and set aside into a special account. Employees then submit receipts for eligible expenses incurred and are reimbursed from the money in their accounts.

Tuition Reimbursement
Employees are eligible for reimbursement for tuition and books for college credit courses taken at an accredited institution to help improve their performance in their current position or better prepare them for promotion to related and higher level positions. Maximum reimbursement amounts are determined by your employment status.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program
The PSLF Program is intended to encourage individuals to enter and continue to work full-time in public service jobs. Under this program, borrowers may qualify for loan forgiveness of the remaining balance of their Direct Loans after they have made 120 qualifying payments on those loans while employees full-time by certain public service employers.

Employee Assistance Program
The City has contracted with Saint Luke's Lifewise Employee Assistance Program to provide short term counseling for family issues, marital conflict, divorce adjustment, conflicts in the workplace, step family concerns, grief recovery, communication difficulties, psychological/ emotional problems, substance abuse, and financial or legal problems. This benefit also provides professional development and mentoring opportunities to employees. This program is confidential.

Volunteer Time Off (VTO)
Employees are encouraged to become involved with not-for-profit organizations that positively impact the quality of life within our community.  During normal work hours, employees are eligible to take up to four hours of paid VTO each payroll year to volunteer

Voluntary Benefits
The City offers supplemental insurance through Unum. Employees have the opportunity to apply for Critical Illness Insurance and/or Accident Insurance. Participation is voluntary and fully funded by the employee.

The City has developed a Wellness program named “Shape Up Shawnee”, which offers a holistic approach to wellness by incorporating nutrition, exercise, prevention, and education on health lifestyle choices. With a valued culture of wellness, the City is a recipient of the Cigna Well Being Award as well as a recipient of the Gold Level Workplace Wellness Certification from the Kansas City Chambers Healthy KC initiative.

The City believes that the value of early education, detection and prevention, is the front-line approach in the battle against disease and illness. The primary goal of the Shape Up Shawnee program is to increase awareness of positive healthy lifestyle behaviors and motivate employees to voluntarily adopt a healthier lifestyle.

All full-time and regular part-time employees are automatically enrolled in the Shape Up Shawnee wellness program, with participation being voluntary. Employees have the opportunity to earn points to become eligible for a wellness bonus and wellness day off at the end of the wellness year.