City of Shawnee


From the days of wagon trains pushing west to an entrepreneur pushing to open a new business. From settlers searching for their own land to college graduates looking to land a first job. People have always looked for a place in which to start fresh — an open territory where limitless ideas are embraced. Shawnee has always been just such a place.

Centuries ago, settlers saw this land as an area of new beginnings. It became the site of the first territorial legislature. Farmers nurtured young crops in the fertile soil. Leadership for the entire state emerged. And people put down roots that would last for centuries. In a word, opportunity flowed freely from this center of activity.

Today’s Shawnee is no different. Businesses start to flourish. Children get a head-start on life. Families, who may have thought it out of reach before, are able to begin enjoying the good life. Recreational opportunities start people down paths of health and enjoyment. Fun starts at any number of attractions around town. And good fortune still flows freely from this center of activity.

Wherever you are in life. Whatever your dreams. Whether you’re starting a family or raising a business; hitting your first home run or running off to your next adventure, everything you need is right here - in a place where life takes off and great things begin. Shawnee, Kansas.