City of Shawnee

Guest Councilmember Program for Students

Who can take part?

Our Guest Councilmember program is for third through seventh graders in Shawnee who have an interest in local government.

How does it work?

Students work with their Ward Councilmember and the Mayor to set a date in which they can attend and participate in a Council meeting. To find out which Ward you live in, check out our Ward Map here. The Councilmembers get the meeting agenda and information the week before the Council meeting so they have time to review and are informed on the issues. The student Guest Councilmember will get the exact same information to review. The Guest Councilmember will sit with their Ward Councilmember during a meeting and will be able to engage in the meeting by asking questions, making comments and voting.  The Mayor would also recognize them at the beginning of the meeting.

When can I participate?

Our Council meetings are the second and fourth Mondays of the month and begin at 6:00 p.m. Depending on what is on the agenda, the meeting duration can vary greatly. We are happy to work with the Guest Councilmember and their family for a day that is convenient for them. You can find a full list of all of our upcoming meetings and events here.

What else?

The Guest Councilmember's family and friends are more than welcome to attend as all of our City meetings are open to the public at any time. Staff will usually take pictures of the Guest Councilmember that will then be posted on the City's social media sites. We do make sure to get parental permission before posting anything.

When can I participate?

Please feel free to email us any time with questions or to figure out a date that works for you!