City of Shawnee

Food Safety

The City of Shawnee is proud to have a variety of food service establishments such as restaurants and caterers for our residents to enjoy. One of the most important things we have come to expect from our food establishments, other than great food and excellent service, is cleanliness. The Kansas Department of Agriculture promotes public safety by regulating the production and sale of food products in Kansas. Their staff performs inspections of food establishment to ensure they are operating in a safe manner, that food is handled properly and that all facilities within the establishment are cleaned properly.

If you have a complaint about a local food establishment regarding food safety or overall cleanliness, please contact the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

The Licensing Division of the City Clerk’s Department is responsible for issuing business licenses to local food establishments. If you have any questions regarding business licenses you can contact the Licensing Division at (913) 742-6014.