City of Shawnee

Sustainable Shawnee

A primary goal of the City is to support and promote opportunities to experience and foster a more sustainable and environmentally friendly community. If you have any comments or questions with regards to sustainability, please feel free to email us.

In addition to the programs listed below, in September of 2011, the Governing Body approved the update to Policy Statement 5 Mowing Grass and Weeds to reduce the mowing frequency and quantity of our right of ways. This program change allowed for more native plantings and grasses in areas that were previously manicured.

Train City Staff in Energy Efficient Behavior

Green Team

  • The City of Shawnee has an internal committee, Green Team, which works to bring awareness to the community and support sustainable initiatives to improve the quality of our environment and to review and improve business practices in order to conduct City business in a more environmentally friendly matter.
  •  Green Team is comprised of employees from every department who work to put on events like the bi-annual recycling event, green commute challenge, bike to work day, and recycling month.

Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials Purchasing Policy

The City is committed to protecting and improving the environment by utilizing goods and materials that have a less adverse impact on human health and environment for cleaning City buildings. The Administrative Code establishes requirements for the use of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials for City contracts and when used by employees to clean City buildings. For more information, please view the policy.

City Facility Recycling Policy
The City is committed to protecting and improving the environment by recycling commonly used materials such as plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans, newspaper and mixed paper and cardboard. This Administrative Code establishes requirements for recycling in all City facilities. These requirements are aimed at promoting practices that create more efficient business practices and reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

City Facility Recycling Policy

Vehicle Idling Policy
Idling of vehicles and equipment wastes fuel, creates pollution and causes premature engine wear. It is
every employee's responsibility to minimize fleet operating costs while reducing harmful pollutants and
effects to the environment.

Vehicle Idling Policy
Removal of Invasive Species in parks and Along Greenways
The City of Shawnee has a volunteer program, Wildlife Habitat Restoration, which helps the City of Shawnee manage invasive/noxious weeds in City Parks. Volunteer information can be found here.
Increase Waste Reduction and Recycling
The City of Shawnee offers bi-annual recycling events for residents for items that would otherwise end up in the landfill. Examples of items included: electronic recycling, paper shredding, latex paint collection, prescription take back, eyeglass collection, and jeans collection that will be used for our Annual Scarecrow Festival held each fall
Enact Pricing Policies
Shawnee has implemented a Pay-As-You-Throw policy that allows residents to purchase overage stickers for trash that exceeds their provided bin. For more information please visit WasteZero.

Residents can purchase trash overage stickers from the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall.
Walkable Cities
Sidewalk repair Infill program (SIP) has been created to connect undeveloped areas without sidewalks to those that are developed with sidewalks. Information on current curb and sidewalk projects can be found here.
Bicycle Infrastructure
The City of Shawnee earned a Bicycle Friendly Community designation by the League of American Bicyclists and was recognized for engineering and encouragement.

Shawnee has a Future Plan for on-street bike lane and share the road routes. The Future plans can be seen on the second page of this map.

More information on Cycling in Shawnee can be found here.