During the month of October, the Fire Department spends Fire Prevention Week visiting classrooms teaching kids about the importance of fire safety. Check out the video our firefighters put together to help kids learn about fire safety!


A fire can be one of the most devastating things a person can go through. Childhood pictures of grown children, pictures and family heirlooms from loved ones past are often destroyed and can never be replaced. The mission of the Shawnee Strategic Services Section is to prevent a fire by being proactive in the community and championing new updated Codes and technologies that fit today's environment. The Shawnee Fire Department believes in three critical parts of fire prevention to help accomplish this:

Engineering: The Fire Department vigorously promotes and seeks out newer technologies that are proven to save lives and property and keeps a family from having to go through such a horrific event. Proven technologies such as residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems, residential wireless interconnected fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and the safest construction techniques are a few examples.

Education: Education is vital to every part of fire and life safety. The Fire Department strives to teach the community ways to prevent a fire from happening and how to survive if one does occur. We believe in a community partnership approach with all the citizens and businesses within the City. A successful outcome to any fire mostly relies on what actions were taken before the fire department arrived. The  Fire Department will always remember the lessons from the devastating fires from the past to help prevent them in the future.

Enforcement: The Fire Department will always strive for the newest and best fire and life safety codes that protect the community and also the Shawnee Firefighter. The Fire Department provides fire inspections of buildings within the City and works in partnership with community partners to help prevent a devastating fire from occurring.

If you are a resident or a visitor, please contact Deputy Chief Corey Sands if you have any questions.