City of Shawnee


Shawnee’s Adopt-A-Spot program is designed to give volunteers an opportunity to contribute to the maintenance, improvement, and beautification of our community.

Who can volunteer?
Anyone can volunteer to Adopt-A-Spot. These projects are best done in groups, the minimum number for a group is three people. All ages are welcome, with a few limitations.

Where can we adopt?
Groups can adopt parks, streams, or streets within the Shawnee city limits. If there is a spot that is special to your group (like a park near your home or a street near your business), let the Volunteer Coordinator know and she will see if it is available.

What are we committing to?
Each group is committing to conducting at least four group clean-ups annually, for a two year period. After successful completion of two clean-ups, the City will place a sign at your spot to recognize your commitment to keeping Shawnee beautiful.

How do we get started?!
To get started, complete the Adopt-A-Spot Application or contact the Volunteer Coordinator for more information.


THANK YOU to our current Adopt-A-Spot groups!
Black Fish Trails Park - Boy Scout Troop 123
Jaycee Park - Carmody Family
Gamblin Park - Girl Scout Troop 514
West Flanders Park - P.I.T.C.H (People in the Community Helping)
Clear Creek Parkway b/t Woodland and Monticello - Monticello Trails STUCO
Clear Creek Trail west of Gamblin to K-7 - Girl Scout Troop 214
Gum Springs Park - Girl Scout Troop 504
Clear Creek Trail - Mill Valley Track Team
Swarner - Scheffler Family and Friends
Monticello Springs Park - FedEx
Sister Cities Park - Shawnee German American Club
Frontage Road in front of Home Depot - Home Depot
Caenen Park - Fagan Family
Listowel Park - Raya Family
Stump Park - Boy Scout Troop 34
Shawnee Mission Pkwy from Quivira to Lackman - Men of Hope
Herman Laird Park - Girl Scout Troop 768
Clear Creek Trail Phase III - Western Johnson County Rotary
Garrett Park - In Honor of Glen Howland
Erfurt Park - Pre Troop 4091