City of Shawnee

Land Disturbance

Printable Version: Standard Land Disturbance Permit Packet (pdf)

A Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) is a local permit required by the City of Shawnee for any land disturbance occurring in a given area. "Land Disturbance" means any activity that changes the physical conditions of land form, vegetation and hydrology, creates bare soil, or otherwise may cause Erosion or Sedimentation. Such activities include, but are not limited to, clearing, removal of vegetation, stripping, grading, grubbing, excavating, filling, logging and storing of materials.

The Clean Water Act of 1987 mandated that any activities regarding stormwater discharges including those issuing from properties encountering construction activities comply with regulations involving pollution of a storm sewer system. A storm sewer system may include curbs, gutters and streets as well as storm water pipes and the water ways that they drain into.

City of Shawnee Municipal Code Chapter 11.20 was passed to implement and provide for enforcement of a program to regulate land disturbance activities and construction activities related to grading and to control erosion and sedimentation resulting from these activities.

LDPs are required when any of the following are to be performed on a property:

  1. The total area being disturbed is one acre or more.
  2. The disturbance is part of a larger planned project that will total one acre or more.
  3. The disturbance will include more than 50 cubic yards of fill or cut.
  4. Any disturbance within 50 feet of natural or improved channel or drainage way.
  5. Any disturbance that involves construction of a new roofed structure of more than 1,000 square feet on a site with less than one acre of land disturbance.

An LDP is not required for the following:

  1. Work to correct or remedy emergencies, including situations that pose an immediate danger to life or property.
  2. Agricultural uses except that the Director of Public Works determines that erosion or sediment controls are needed per United States Department of Agriculture Standards or that an LDP is required.

Permit application and submittals include the following:

  1. A completed Standard Land Disturbance Permit application form
  2. Grading and erosion control plans showing property lines, existing and proposed contours, existing and proposed structures, and proposed Best Management Practices (BMPs) for all phases of construction.
  3. A Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) must be submitted for projects involving one acre or more or part of a larger project involving one acre or more. The documents must be prepared by a Qualified Erosion Control Specialist.
  4. Plan review fee in accordance with City's Comprehensive Fee Schedule, Policy Statement PS-56.
  5. A surety bond.

More detail and design guidelines for Standard LDPs are described in Shawnee Municipal Code Chapter 11.20 and the Shawnee Design Manual.

Requirements for Grading, Excavation and Earthwork

Land Disturbance Permits require that grading and earthwork construction be accomplished in compliance with the Shawnee Municipal Code including the 2018 International Building Code Appendix J and the Shawnee Design Manual.

New Residential - Low Impact Land Disturbance Permits

Printable Version: New Residential - Low Impact Performance And Maintenance Bond Application (pdf)

New Single or Two Family Dwelling projects require that a One and Two Family Residential Low Impact Permit be obtained along with the building permit. Design standards for Low Impact residential LDPs are required to comply with the “Single Family Residential Standard Design Booklet” published by the Kansas City Metropolitan Chapter American Public Works Association. A copy of this standard will be with the Low Impact Land Disturbance packet.

Permits shall be submitted to and obtained from the City of Shawnee Building Codes Division at (913) 742-6010.

Low Impact Land Disturbance Permits

Printable Version: Low Impact Land Disturbance Permit Packet (pdf)

Land disturbance activities involving less than one acre of land may require that a low impact land disturbance permit be obtained. A Low Impact Land Disturbance Permit Application along with a site plan is required to be submitted for any grading projects involving more than 50 cubic yard of cut or fill, construction of a structure having more than 1,000 square feet of roofed area, or any land disturbance occurring closer than fifty (50) feet from a natural or improved drainage way.

Permits shall be submitted to and obtained from the City of Shawnee Building Codes Division at (913) 742-6010.

A third type of Land Disturbance Permit is required for General Utility installations involving less than one acre. Work within the public Right-of-Way also requires a “Work within the Right-of-Way” Permit. These permits are obtained through the Shawnee Public Works Department. Contact them at (913) 742-6009.

Fees for Land Disturbance Permits

Standard Land Disturbance Permit applicants are required to pay a fee of $100.00 plus $100.00 per acre of the proposed disturbed land before the permit is issued. Fees are also assessed for the quantity of earth more than 100 cubic yards that is moved for grading of the site. A plan review fee is to be paid when the permit application is submitted and a grading fee is to be paid when the permit is issued. The grading fees are assessed according to a table published as Policy Statement PS-56.

Land Disturbance Fee Schedule (pdf)

The fee for low impact land disturbance and one and two family land disturbance permits are $150.00 per lot.

Performance Bond

A surety in the form of a performance and maintenance bond must be provided to the City for an amount to cover the cost of maintaining erosion and sediment control devices as shown in the SWPPP and plan submittal and for removal of mud from the public rights-of-way and at a minimum of amount of $5,000 prior to issuance of a Land Disturbance Permit.

For further information please contact the Building Codes Division at the Shawnee City Hall (913) 742-6010.