City of Shawnee

Streets and Sidewalks FAQ's

How do you pick the streets to mill and overlay?
The City uses the PASER rating system, which rates streets from a 1-10 scale with 10 being a newly constructed street. We rate a third of all City streets every year. After the ratings are completed, staff reviews the ratings to develop an annual street maintenance program that fits within the budget. We also coordinate with other utility projects that may delay or accelerate the maintenance schedule on some streets.
When will my street get a new mill and overlay?
Many factors go into our annual mill and overlay program. We maintain over 800 lane miles of pavement surface throughout the City. With our current budget, we are projected to mill and overlay an average of 43 lane miles per year. We are currently overlaying roads in the 3-4 range of our PASER scale and have over 230 lane miles of roads in that category. It is very hard to predict exactly when a street will receive mill and overlay, but we evaluate the streets every year to develop a street maintenance program that best fits our current year’s budget. Click here to see what your street rating is. 
Is the City or homeowner responsible for the maintenance of the curb, sidewalk and driveway approaches within the right-of-way?
The City is responsible for maintaining curbs and sidewalks while the homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of the driveway and driveway approaches.
Will I be notified prior to the work beginning?
The contractor will hand out yard flyers on stakes at the end of the driveways of all residents who will be impacted. These flyers will have the scheduled dates of work, contact information and will be handed out prior to any curb and sidewalk replacement and again prior to the mill and overlay operation.
What type of restoration can I expect after my curb and sidewalk has been replaced?
The City’s contractor will be required to backfill the area that has been disturbed with pulverized top soil and seed. Residents should water the newly seeded area at a rate of 3 - 4 inches per week, until the roots of the grass are established.
The contractor damaged my property during construction. How can I get it repaired?
The contractor is responsible for any damage to sprinklers, driveways or mailboxes that happens during construction. The contractor is required to take pre-construction photos prior to construction. Any damage to private property will be compared to these photos and repairs will be made as necessary.

Please contact the City’s Street Program Manager Kenny Khongmaly at (913) 742-6267 or [email protected] or the  Project Superintendent listed on the notification handed out by the contractor to coordinate repairs.
The curb in front of my driveway was replaced. When can I drive over it?
New concrete will typically take three days to cure long enough to support vehicle traffic. The contractor will typically block of the driveway with cones until it is safe to drive over without causing damage to the new curb.
Will I have access to my property during construction?
Accessibility will depend on the type of surface treatment being installed. The majority of our annual program goes towards mill and overlay. The contractor will remove any necessary curb on one side of the street at a time. Residents whose driveway curbs are affected can park on the other side of the street until the curb has had sufficient time to cure.

During the mill and overlay process residents may be delayed a few minutes while trucks and equipment are working, but once the asphalt is laid and rolled, residents can drive over it safely and without causing damage to the new pavement. All other surface treatments will have special instructions for access when the contractor hands out those notifications.