Crime Resistant Communities Program

 The Shawnee Police Crime Resistant Communities Program (CRCP) is a voluntary program designed to help tenants, owners, and managers of multi-housing properties deter illegal activity in their community. This program enhances the partnership between the police department and complex or business properties by addressing public safety concerns and improving the quality of life for that community.

Each CRCP partner complex or business has a specific officer assigned. This officer is responsible for that complex or business by serving as the point of contact between their multi-housing property and the department. CRCP Officers make regular contact with the complexes or businesses in order to maintain the CRCP relationship, as well as offer a familiar presence within their designated community.

The process for properties to participate in the CRCP includes:

  • Attending a CRCP seminar hosted by the Shawnee Police Department

  • Completing the property security survey

  • Hosting a public safety event or similar community activity

If you are the owner or manager of a multi-housing property that would like to participate in the CRCP, contact the CORE Sergeant at (913) 631-2155. 

Crime Resistant SIgn