Police Complaint or Compliment

The Professional Standards Unit was established as part of the Shawnee Police Department's commitment to provide comprehensive law enforcement services in a fair and professional manner. The Staff Services Captain oversees the professional conduct of the Police Officers. The Captain is in charge of investigations into allegations of officer misconduct, critical incidents (i.e. officer involved shooting) and after action reviews of incidents such as motor vehicle pursuits and officer response to resistance. The Shawnee Police Department is a professional organization with dedicated service oriented personnel. We want you to know that if you ever have any issues with the performance of any employee of the police department, we are committed to investigating your concerns and correcting problems. Once you have submitted a complaint, the Professional Standards Investigator or their designee will investigate your concerns. A PSU Investigator may be in contact for clarification or additional information and will reach out to provide a disposition of the complaint when the review is complete. To report any issues:

  • Call (913) 631-2150 and ask to speak to any supervisor
  • In-person at the Shawnee Police Department
  • Online at Report a Police Complaint

The Shawnee Police Department is committed to the fair and impartial treatment of all persons in enforcing the law and providing services. Racial profiling is strictly prohibited by policy and state law K.S.A 22-4610. Should you have a concern about racial or other biased-based policing it may be reported as provided above. It may also be reported by making a complaint directly to the Kansas Attorney General's office. The Attorney General's Office provides details about how to file a complaint.

If you would like to make a compliment about an officer, employee, or the department, you may click the link below.

Compliment an Officer or Employee