City of Shawnee

Personalized Bench Plaques

Looking for a unique way to honor a loved one or celebrate a special occasion? Purchase a personalized bench plaque in one of Shawnee's beautiful parks! Park benches are available at most of our Shawnee Parks (see available parks to the right). Personalized benches can be placed in a custom location (exact location is at the discretion of the Park Maintenance Division) or where a park bench is already located.

All plaque wording will be reviewed for content. If deemed unacceptable, you will be notified and given opportunities to reword or structure. The more characters and text included, the smaller the print will be. To reserve your park bench, complete the the form below and return it to Grace Wiesner via email or mail to 12321 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66216. If you have additional questions regarding the benches or location, contact Grace Wiesner at (913) 742-6447.


Personalized Bench Plaques are available at the following parks:

  • Blackfish Recreational Trail
  • Charles J. Stump Park
  • Clear Creek Recreational Trail
  • Donald B. Gamblin Park
  • Erfurt Park
  • Garrett Park
  • Gum Springs Park
  • Herman Laird Park
  • Jaycee Park
  • KCP&L Park
  • Monticello Springs Park
  • Oxbow Park
  • Pleasant View Cemetery
  • Quivira Glenn
  • Swarner Park
  • West Flanders Park
  • Wilder Bluff Park