City of Shawnee

Pool Rules

General Rules
  1. Smoking, alcohol, drugs, glass, weapons, food or drink, gum, and coolers are not permitted.
  2. Coastguard approved lifejackets are the ONLY floatation device allowed in facility.
  3. Children 9 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian over the age of 16 for their direct and constant supervision.
  4. An adult or guardian must be within arms reach of any child who is considered a non-swimmer or a swimmer that requires a lifejacket.
  5. All un-potty trained patrons must wear swim diapers before entering pool. Swim diapers are available for purchase front desk.
  6. Patrons are required to take a shower before entering the pool.
  7. Patrons with open wounds, bandages, or symptoms of any communicable disease, diarrhea, respiratory infections, and head lice are not allowed in the water.
  8. Bathers must wear appropriate swimming attire. NO cut-offs, street clothes or shoes allowed.
  9. No changing of diapers on pool deck. Family changing rooms are provided for your convenience.
  10. The City of Shawnee is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Lockers are available for rental at the front gate.
  11. No animals allowed in pool area except service animals upon request.
  12. Lost and found items will be held for 1 week before donation to local organizations.
  13. Lifejackets are not permitted in deep end of pool.
  14. All food and drink must be kept in the concessions area. No food is permitted on the pool deck.
  15. Management reserves the right to eject disorderly patrons from the facility.
  16. No person shall photograph or videotape an unrelated person(s) without their consent and the consent of a legal guardian for those under 18 years of age. The use of recording devices (cameras, video cameras, cell phones) is not permitted in restroom areas. Management reserves the right to deny the use of recording devices at their discretion.
Waterslide Rules
  1. All riders must be 48” tall when using body slide.
  2. Persons under 48” may ride on a double tube with an adult on the tube slide.
  3. No foreign objects are allowed in pockets and no jewelry can be worn while riding the slides.
  4. Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets, or metal ornamentation are prohibited.
  5. Riders must enter the slide in a sitting position and wait for instructions from slide attendant at the slide starter tub.
  6. Riders using the body slide should lie on their back with their arms crossed across their chest or hands clasped behind their head with their legs crossed at the ankles. Absolutely no sitting, riding on stomach or head first is permitted.
  7. Riders using the tube slide (TASAC only) should bring up their own tube to top of slide tower. Riders using double tube are restricted to one individual above and below 48 inches only.
  8. Only ONE rider at a time. Absolutely no trains or chains of riders are permitted.
  9. No tubes, mats, or life jackets are permitted on the waterslide.
  10. Goggles and eyewear are not permitted on this ride.
  11. Riders must be in good health. Pregnant women and/or individuals with heart or back condition should not use this ride.
  12. Do not use this slide while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  13. Slide attendant reserves the right to shut down the feature for safety purposes.
  14. Water depth in catch pool is 3ft. 6in.
Lazy River
  1. Adults must be within arms reach of children with a lifejacket.
  2. Bathers may only enter and exit river via the stairs or instructional pool.
  3. No diving!
  4. Water depth is 3ft. 6in.
  1. Lifejackets are NOT allowed in the vortex.
  2. Horseplay is not allowed within the vortex.
  3. Water depth is 3ft. 6in.
Diving Board
  1. One person is allowed on the diving board at a time.
  2. Only once bounce will be permitted prior to entering water.
  3. Lifejackets and toys are not permitted in the diving area.
  4. Guardians may not catch children jumping off diving boards.
  5. Water Depth is 14ft. 0in.
Lap Swimming Lanes
  1. Lap lanes are designated for continuous lap swimming only.
  2. Lap lanes are first come first serve. Circle swimming will be required during peak swimming hours.
  3. Enter the lap lane at either the east or west wall. Swimming under lane lines is not permitted.
  4. This facility provides 2 lap lanes during general swim to accommodate 6 swimmers per lane. A third lane will be added during general swim when total lap swimmers exceed 12.
  5. Management reserves right to ask slow or non-swimming individuals to move out of lap lanes if continuous swimming is interrupted.
Aqua Climb
  1. Only one person allowed on climbing feature at a time.
  2. No lifejackets permitted on feature.
  3. No persons allowed in swim free zone surrounding the feature.
  4. Climbers must fall straight down from feature.
  5. No diving off feature.
  6. Water depth is 14 feet.