City of Shawnee

Useful Forms

The following forms and documents are used in the Municipal Court process. Please follow the instructions indicated on each form.

Petition for Expungement (pdf)
You have the right to have your conviction, diversion or arrest removed from your criminal record after a certain number of years, as dictated by K.S.A. 12-4516.

When a Petition for Expungement is filed in Shawnee Municipal Court, a hearing date is scheduled. Once filed, the Petition is first forwarded to the prosecutor for review. The prosecutor reviews eligibility for expungement and determines if the City objects to the expungement. If the City objects, the parties will be expected to appear in court on the scheduled hearing date. If the City does not object, the Petition is sent to the Judge for review and consideration of granting the expungement without a hearing.

Please file a completed petition for expungement, along with the non-refundable $160 filing fee, with the Shawnee Municipal Court.

Notice of Appeal (pdf)
Contact Information (pdf)
Classes (pdf)
General Court Information (pdf)