Community Support Team


The Shawnee Fire Department Community Support Team (CST) program is comprised of community-based volunteers who are trained in basic preparedness and support skills. Our mission is to strive to be personally prepared and advocate preparedness within our circle of influence; provide basic assistance to our family, friends, neighbors, and others in our immediate area following a major emergency or disaster until professional responders arrive; and support professional responders as requested.


Local government prepares every day for emergencies. However, there can be an emergency or disaster that can overwhelm the community’s immediate response capability. While adjacent jurisdictions, State and Federal resources can activate to help, there may be a delay in getting them to everyone who needs assistance. The primary goal for CST is to give people the decision making, organization, and practical skills to offer immediate assistance to family, friends, associates, and others in the immediate area while waiting for professional responders to arrive. People will respond to others in need without training. The goal of CST is to help people assist those in their immediate vicinity to do so safety and effectively. The goals of the Shawnee CST program are:
  1. To establish and maintain a level of personal preparedness that correlates to the hazards that we may face.
  2. To maintain our personal safety at all times while ensuring that our actions do not create safety issues for professional responders, disaster victims, or others that may be in harm’s way beyond what has already been created by the emergency.
  3. To support professional responders as requested.
  4. To conduct ourselves with professionalism in all areas of the program scope
  5. To gain and maintain acknowledgement and respect from area first responders and residents and give respect back to those we serve.
  6. To maintain and enhance our preparedness and response skills through ongoing training and exercises.
  7. Assist in the response and recovery of an area impacted by disaster.
  8. Promote interest in CST through civic and community groups.

CST Membership Eligibility

The CST program training is available to individuals that are 18 years or older that live or work close to Shawnee upon completion of the Shawnee Fire Department CERT class. It is the policy of the City of Shawnee that no services will be denied to anyone on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability.

Everyone can do something to help during times of need. Some tasks may be physically demanding such as sandbagging but others are less strenuous such as aiding with shelter registration or volunteering in a pet shelter. There are many opportunities in CST for someone who wants to be involved and help.

For more information about CST, contact the City's Emergency Management Coordinator, Matt Epperson, at (913) 742-6139.