Mission Statement

The Shawnee Fire Department is a dedicated team of professionals striving for excellence in public safety and emergency services to protect our community.

"Prepare, Prevent, Protect"
Fire Maltese
is to be known as an internationally accredited fire service agency, renowned for its epic and consistent
demonstration of best practices and department values in mission execution.


EXCELLENCE will remain at the core of all we do as we strive for continuous improvement to ‘prepare, prevent,
and protect.’

PROFESSIONALISM will be evident as we invest in our greatest resources, our members, through emphasis on
workforce planning and training improvements. Our organizational clarity will guide the department to further lead
our people in the future.

INTEGRITY will be demonstrated through stewardship of our physical resources and the highest ethical behavior.
This will be broadened by our communications initiatives as we interact with our community and hold each other

COMPASSION will be carried out always, as we ensure that we appropriately deliver our mission, live our
values, accomplish our goals, and bring this vision to fruition.

 We are committed to respond quickly and perform at the highest level in all that we do. We empower,
support, and provide opportunities to achieve personal and professional success. We are committed to the highest
ethical standards and act as responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We strive to treat our community
and each other with compassion and respect.