Fire Station #73

Shawnee's Fire Station 73 has become a beacon of safety and innovation following its recent renovation. Since officially reopening on March 19, 2024, the station has been buzzing with activity.

The 'Hose Uncoupling' Ceremony on April 27 was a highlight, where community members were treated to tours of the revamped facility. Originally built in 1987 to support the city's western growth, Station 73 remains a crucial hub, particularly with wildlands nearby and miles of paved trails posing unique challenges.

Equipped with a new 107' Pierce Truck and a Ford F-550 Brush truck, the station is well-prepared to handle wildland fire incidents. But it's not just fires they're ready for—Shawnee's ATV, stocked with EMS equipment, ensures swift care on the city's trails.

And let's not forget the Johnson County Med-Act paramedic ambulance stationed here, ready to provide advanced medical care with just a moment's notice.

Station 73 isn't just a building; it's a symbol of Shawnee's commitment to safety and community well-being.