City of Shawnee

Firework Sales

As of 2023, firework stands will be permitted in Shawnee around the Independence Day holiday. Up to five total stands will be allowed throughout the city, with one per Council ward and one floating location.  

All five 2024 fireworks sales permits have been approved. 
The locations of the 2024 sales stands are:

  1. Hot Momma's Fireworks - Whale Spout Carwash (22203 West 66th Street)
  2. Jake's Fireworks - Walmart (16100 West 65th Street)
  3. Jake's Fireworks - Comfort Inn (16510 Midland Drive)
  4. Pat Riot Fireworks - Park Lanes (7701 Renner Road)
  5. Fat Daddy Fireworks - Walmart Neighborhood Market (7437 Nieman Road)

Fireworks Sales Requests

  • Starting on or after June 1st each year, anyone interested in running a fireworks stand in Shawnee in the following year will be able to fill out an online form requesting a temporary retail sale permit. Requests are due by 5 p.m. on the second Friday of September each year and need to be sent to [email protected]
  • Businesses are not required to have an active Shawnee business license in order to apply for a firework sales permit if they are currently not operating within Shawnee. A City Business License is required prior to issuance of a fireworks sales permits. 
  • Only vendors who have been selected and notified by the City of Shawnee Community Development Department may apply for a permit to sell fireworks. Applications are due no later than October 15 each year. An application does not constitute a permit. 
  • Refer to the Fireworks Sales Guide for the specific timeline for each year. 
Permit Selection Preference
  • All vendors who had an approved Fireworks Sales Permit the prior year AND operated within the Fireworks Sales requirements may choose to keep their permit, but only in the same Council Ward (with exception of the At-Large vendor). Operating from a different location within the same Council Ward is permissible. Submission of a Fireworks Sales Request form is required. 
    • Approved vendors will be notified by City Staff following each July 4th sales season of the satisfactory/unsatisfactory performance. 
    • Vendors performing unsatisfactorily will not be permitted to apply for a sales permit for the following year. 
  • The At-Large permit holder may choose any Council Ward to locate. Submission of a Fireworks Sales Request form is required no matter where choosing to locate. 
  • If you were a permitted vendor during the prior sales year, and you would like to move your sales location to another Council Ward, you therefore release your permit.
  • Shawnee residents and businesses have priority selection for any open Fireworks Sales Permits. 
  • If there is a permit available for any Council Ward or At-Large vendor and a Shawnee resident or business has not submitted a sales request, then the vendor will be randomly selected from the Community Development waitlist.