City of Shawnee

Right-of-Way Management

If you need to close a street, please contact us via the contact info on this page, and review the requirements here: Street Closures: Right-of-Way.

Permits to work within the right-of-way are regulated by Shawnee Municipal Code Chapter 12.06 "Right-of-Way Management" Streets, Sidewalks and Public Places.

Permits and forms should be fully completed, signed, dated, and submitted to the City of Shawnee.

All  work performed under Right-of-Way Permits requires inspections, and 24 hours notice is required when scheduling inspections.

All restoration must be completed before final inspections are made.

Emergency Work in the Right-of-Way
If a utility line must be repaired over a weekend or between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., the utility may perform the work and apply for the permit on the following work day.

The utility must contact the Police at (913) 631-2150, and Fire Departments at (913) 631-1080, prior to commencing work within the Public Right-of-Way.
Requirements for permit issuance

Please allow 48 hours for the permit process to be completed before planning to begin work.

The following items must be submitted with the permit application, or they must be on file with the City before the permit application is submitted in order to receive a permit in a timely fashion.

  1. A business license is required yearly for all contractors working in the City of Shawnee. They can be obtained by contacting the Community Development Department at (913) 742-6247.

  2. A Certificate of Insurance with the following limits:

    • $2,000,000 - General Aggregate
    • $1,000,000 - Automobile Liability
    • $500,000 - Workers Compensation and Employer's Liability

    The City of Shawnee must be named as a certificate holder on the certificate of insurance.

  3. Performance and Maintenance Bonds

    • $50K Annual Bond - Utility Companies & Contractors working for Utility Companies
    • $5K Annual Bond - General Contractors working in the Right-of-Way (Driveway Contractors)


  4. Traffic Control Plan must be submitted with the application and meet M.U.T.C.D. standards if there is to be a lane closure or contractor equipment on the roadway (curb or pavement).

  5. Scaled construction drawings must be submitted. If they are intended to be proprietary or confidential, they shall be marked as such.

  6. Emergency Response plan must be submitted.

  7. Call before you dig! The following entities must be contacted before any excavation within the Right-of-Way occurs, pursuant to Kansas State Law.

    • 811 - Kansas One Call
    • (913) 895-1806 - WaterOne (They are independent from the 811 Kansas One Call System)
Apply for a Right-of-Way Permit

Applications for Right-of-Way Permits are available at the links below. While we can take applications at City Hall, we encourage the use of the electronic forms below.

  • ROW - Driveway Permit is required for all driveway (Resident or Contractor) repairs or replacements within the Right-of-Way.

After submittal of your application, staff will review the application and ensure that all required documentation has been received. Once the application is verified, you will receive an invoice from our vendor, electronically, to the e-mail address provided on the application. You can then pay for the permit electronically via the web, and once we confirm receipt of payment, we will then issue the permit back to the e-mail address in the application.

If you have any questions about the application process, please let us know.

Right-of-Way Utility Information
Utility companies and their contractors are required to obtain permits from the City when excavating in the public Right-of-Way. The City does not provide utility services, and questions regarding utility services should be directed to the respective utility company.

For questions or complaints regarding utility bills and services, contact the Kansas Corporation Commission.
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