Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the backbone of the Shawnee Police Department. The Division includes the Road Patrol Bureau and Special Operations Bureau and is lead by one Major and three Captains. 

Road Patrol Bureau

Patrol Sergeants and Patrol Officers are divided between three different shifts which provide 24-hour police services to the City of Shawnee.

The primary duties of the patrol officers in the division are:

  • Responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for service
  • Routine patrol of assigned geographical areas
  • Enforcement of state and federal laws, the municipal code, and city traffic and parking regulations
  • Traffic accident investigations
  • Community relations
  • Business and residence checks
Special Operations Bureau
The Special Operations Bureau is lead by a Captain and is comprised of several specialty support units that work within the Patrol Division. It includes the Traffic Safety Unit (TSU), Criminal Interdiction Unit (CIU), Community Service Officers - Animal Control (CSO), Drone Unit, the Special Tactics Response (STAR) Team and Honor Guard.
Traffic Safety Unit

The Traffic Safety Unit became fully operational in January 2002. The Unit was formed after the City of Shawnee received a federal grant through the Kansas Department of Transportation to hire additional officers and purchase specialized equipment to help reduce the number of traffic crashes in Shawnee.

The unit is composed of one Sergeant and four Officers. The officers assigned to the unit receive intensive training in areas such as:

The Traffic Safety Unit utilizes state of the art equipment and technology to assist in investigating traffic crashes and enforce hazardous moving violations in the City. 

Criminal Interdiction Unit
The Criminal Interdiction Unit was created for specialized policing, and is comprised of one Sergeant, four Officers, three K9s and three K9 handlers. The role of this unit is to focus on community presence and community crime prevention, alcohol and narcotic enforcement, narcotic and bomb detection, problem-solving, and warrant service.
Community Service Officers - Animal Control
The Shawnee Police Department has two Community Service Officers (CSO), which are also known as Animal Control in some agencies. Our CSOs investigate animal bite cases, animal neglect, abuse, public nuisance, and other animal-related offenses. They pick up, care for and/or dispose of ill, injured or dead animals. The CSOs also handle a wide variety of parking complaints, which typically are reported on the City of Shawnee's Citizen Service Request system.
Co-Responder Unit
The Co-Responder Unit consists of three clinicians who work alongside all the divisions within the Police Department. The clinicians respond with law enforcement to calls for service involving some level of mental health crisis. Co-Responders have the opportunity to bridge the gap between Johnson County Mental Health Center and law enforcement by being truly embedded and partnering with both agencies on a daily basis.