Internet Exchange Parking Spots

The Police Department offers citizens of Shawnee a video monitored location for Internet Purchase Exchanges.

The parking spots are located between the Shawnee Police Department located at 5850 Renner and Shawnee Fire Department Station 72 located at 5840 Renner. They are easy to find with bright green paint and signs in front of each parking stall.

The purpose of this Internet Purchase Exchange location is to provide our citizens with a location where they can feel safe making an internet purchase exchange.

It is important to note the following items when using this location:

  • The location is video monitored 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Being video monitored does not mean a person is watching each exchange, just that the location is being recorded.
  • If a person using the Internet purchase exchange parking and needs the police, they need to call 911 or go inside the police department lobby.