Contact Animal Control

If you find a stray animal within the city limits of Shawnee, please contact the Shawnee Police Department at (913) 631-2155. Animals picked up by Community Service officers are taken to Great Plains SPCA, 5424 Antioch, Merriam, Kansas, (913) 831-7722. Impounded dogs are held for 5 days before they may be available for adoption. Cats are held 4 days.

If you find a stray animal, do not attempt to catch or restrain the animal. This is for your own safety. Even family pets can be dangerous when frightened.

You also can't always rely on an animal's appearance to tell whether or not it is a stray. An animal may have been running at large for some time and its condition does not necessarily mean that it does not have a loving owner who has been searching for that pet the entire time. The sooner you attempt to find the pet's owner, the more likely it is that your search will be successful.

Even if you wish to care for the animal yourself rather than relinquishing it, you should contact Animal Control to report that you have found the animal in case Animal Control is called by the pet's owner. After three days, even if you are attempting to do a good deed, the animal will be considered your property by City ordinance and the responsibility for that animal will be yours. If you are unable to keep the animal or do not have the time to find a new home, you should turn the animal over to Animal Control as soon as possible.

Even if an animal is not properly identified with a tag, it may still have an owner. Typically, animals get lost just after bathing when the tags have been temporarily removed. Animals may also slip collars or tags off while running loose.
There are no leash or license laws for cats and no agency picks up stray or feral cats unless they are considered sick or dangerous. If you believe a cat is sick or dangerous, you can contact the Community Services Officer at (913) 631-2155 for assistance.

If you are experiencing problems with cats owned by neighbors roaming on your property, the City recommends talking to the pet owner first in order to resolve the problem with minimal conflict. If speaking with the pet owner does not resolve the situation, there are several deterrents you can try to discourage cats from entering your yard. These include using a cat repellant that is available at pet supply stores.

There are animal welfare groups such as Great Plains SPCA that sponsor programs to help control the population of free roaming cats. These groups are well versed on where to get traps, how to use them, where to take the cats for sterilization, and what to do afterward. Give them a call at (913) 831-7722 ext. 4 or feel free to contact the City's Community Services Officer for advice.
City Animal Ordinances
To view an ordinance in its entirety, contact the City Clerk's Department at Shawnee City Hall, (913) 742-6014, or refer to Title 6 of the Shawnee Municipal Code.
Dogs in Heat
While an animal is "in heat," it must be securely confined and enclosed within a building or enclosed in a dog run, except when out upon such person's premises briefly for toileting purposes, while on leash or otherwise effectively physically restrained. "Briefly for toilet purposes" shall not exceed twenty minutes on each separate occasion.
Animals at Large
It is unlawful for the owner, keeper or harborer of any animal to allow such animal to run at large within the City of Shawnee. An animal shall be deemed to be running at large when found on property other than that of the owner, keeper or harborer thereof. However, no animal shall be held to be running at large when merely passing though such property on a leash.
Streets, Sidewalks, and Public Places
Dogs are prohibited unless under leash control and dog owners are responsible for removing and properly disposing of dog defecation.