City of Shawnee

Animal Permit: Temporary Nonresident

Residents who are caring for a dog or cat for more than three (3) consecutive days must obtain a permit.


  • A current rabies vaccination is required.
  • Temporary permits are valid for thirty (30) days and may not be renewed.
  • Only two (2) permits will be issued to the same owner in a year.
  • There is a ninety (90) day waiting period between issuance of the permits.

A complete list of regulations can be found in Chapter 6.06 of the Shawnee Municipal Code.

The completed Temporary Non-Resident Animal Application Permit (pdf) must be submitted by mail or in person to City Clerk's office, 11110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66203.

There is no fee for the temporary non-resident animal permit.