Police Application FAQ

How do I apply for the Shawnee Police Department?
All available job opportunities can be located on our Job Page.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions regarding a job opportunity?
Please contact our SPD Recruiting Team at [email protected] or (913) 742-6200 for questions regarding working for the Shawnee Police Department
What does the application process consist of?
The police officer hiring process consists of a series of interviews, a physical ability examination (a video of which can be found on the Career Opportunities page on this website), and a polygraph. Job offers are contingent on the successful completion of a post-offer job fit assessment, background, physical and drug screen.
How often does the Shawnee Police Department recruit for new officers?
The Police Department recruits for Police Officers on an ongoing basis, and has several formal hiring processes throughout the year. The timing of the hiring processes are based on the Johnson County Regional Police Academy Start Dates. In certain circumstances, Police Officer applicants may be hired sooner depending on their level of qualification(s) or certification. A hiring process can take five months from the start of the process until the first day of employment. The number of Police Officers hired in each process depends on the needs of the Department.
Do I need to obtain certification on my own?
No. All candidates selected from hiring process will attend basic police training at the Regional Police Academy located at Johnson County Community College, unless law enforcement certification has already been obtained.
What is the policy on tattoos?
Officers are permitted to display approved tattoos and piercings while working in an official capacity or representing the department while in uniform or plain clothes.

Tattoos that are not permitted include those that exhibit or advocate discrimination against sex, race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, medical condition or marital status; those that exhibit sexual or profane words/phrases, indecency, images that depict or promote drug use, gang symbols, unlawful behavior, sexually explicit acts or other obscene material, or any language or depiction that may impair or disrupt the operations of the department, or is inconsistent with the Department Mission Statement or Values.

Tattoos are not permitted on the head, neck or hands while in uniform or civilian clothing. Exceptions to this include one tattoo simulating a wedding ring on the ring finger.
How do I know that the City has received my application?
Visit the City of Shawnee’s Job Board and sign in to your account. Once in your account, go to "My Presence", "Applications", and "Status". You should also receive a confirmation email, in addition to email updates throughout the process.  Be sure to check your email regularly for correspondence.
What happens after I submit my application?
Your application will be reviewed by the City, and you will be notified of any future steps.  Be sure to check your email regularly for correspondence.
I have applied for the City before, but when I go to apply for a new position, I don't have an account. What happened to it?
The City changed Applicant Tracking Systems on 5/27/2020.  If you submitted an application before this date, you will no longer have an applicant profile, and will have to register in the new system.  If you need any information from your applicant profile, please contact Human Resources and they may be able to assist you.
What are the automatic dis-qualifiers?
  • More than four (4) no contest/convictions of moving violations in the last three (3) years
  • No contest/conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol in the last three (3) years
  • No contest/conviction of driving under the influence of a controlled substance in the last three (3) years
  • Any misdemeanor equivalent illegal drug use within the past two (2) years
  • Any felony equivalent illegal drug use within the past five (5) years
How long will it take until I hear back regarding my application?
Most application reviews do not take place until after the application close date that is listed on the job posting. Once this date has passed, you should hear from a member of the City within two weeks.
How will I be notified of updates or changes in my application status?
You will be notified by e-mail or phone at the address/number you provided on your application.
Can I change information on my application after it is submitted?
You may update your contact information, however you cannot make changes to your job application once it has been submitted. If you have received additional certifications or information that will affect your ability to obtain the position, you may send them to Human Resources Recruiter Kellie Little to have them attached to your application.
How do I update my contact information?
Visit the City of Shawnee's Job Board
Login to your account
Click on "My Presence"
Make appropriate changes
Save the application to update your information

If you need to provide updated contact information on an open application that is under review, please contact Human Resources Recruiter Kellie Little at (913) 742-6253.
Are there residency requirements?
Residency requirements for the City of Shawnee are only mandatory for Department Head level positions.
Are there places in the City where I can access the internet?
There are two libraries in the City of Shawnee that allow you to access the internet at no charge.

Johnson County Library – Shawnee
13811 Johnson Drive
Shawnee, KS 66216

Johnson County Library – Monticello
22435 W 66th Street
Shawnee, KS 66226

You may also arrange a time with Human Resources at (913) 742-6253 to access the internet.

Shawnee City Hall
11110 Johnson Drive
Shawnee, KS 66203

Who can see my application?
Your application is located on a secure web server. It can only be viewed by staff in the Human Resources Department and the hiring manager(s).
Can I get assistance with completing the online application?
You may arrange a time to meet with Human Resources in-person, or you can call the Department at (913) 742-6253 for over-the-phone assistance.