City of Shawnee

Development Engineering

Development Engineering is responsible for the plan review, permitting, and construction inspection of private development projects. Ensuring that sound engineering and construction practices are being followed.


Plan Review Process
Engineering plans related to new development projects are required to to be reviewed and accepted by Development Engineering Staff prior to the issuance of a Building Permit and/or Public Improvement Permit. Plan Review applications can be made online via CitzenServe.

Plan Review Application (pdf)
Public Improvement Process
A Public Improvement Permit is required for all public street, stormwater, and streetlight improvements. Public Improvement Permits can be filled out online via CitzenServe.

Public Improvement Permit Application (pdf)
Public Improvement Permit Bond (pdf)
The City's Development Engineering Inspector will conduct field inspections of all public improvement construction. Prior to the start of construction, a on-site pre-construction meeting shall be scheduled with Development Engineering to walk through the inspection process.
Stormwater Management for New Development
Stormwater Treatment: If a project is required to have stormwater treatment facilities, the property owner is required to execute a Stormwater Treatment Maintenance Covenant.

Floodplain Development: If a project includes work within a special flood hazard area, the property owner is required to obtain a Floodplain Development Permit. Floodplain Development Permits can be filled out online via CitzenServe.

Stream Corridor: If a project is required to provide a stream corridor, the property owner is required to execute a Stream Corridor Maintenance Agreement.

Questions related to the on-going maintenance of stormwater treatment and/or detention facilities should be directed to the Public Works Stormwater Management Division.
Contact Information
email: [email protected]
Phone: (913) 742-6010