Traffic Safety Unit

S.M.A.R.T. Trailer
The Traffic Safety Unit utilizes a special trailer to assist them with their mission of promoting safe driving in Shawnee. The Speed Monitoring and Recording Trailer (S.M.A.R.T. trailer) is used to monitor and record traffic activity. The unit is equipped with a Kustom radar unit and an onboard computer to record and track traffic counts, activity and speed. The unit also utilizes a large lighted display to show oncoming motorists their speed. If they exceed a certain speed, the sign flashes their vehicle's speed in large numbers, alerting them to slow down.

For more information on this trailer or to request placement of the trailer in your neighborhood call (913) 742-6782.

For more information about the Traffic Safety Unit or if you have any traffic related questions, please call (913) 742-6782.
Car Seat Inspections
The Police Department has certified car seat technicians available by appointment only that can inspect Shawnee resident’s car seats. Prior to scheduling an inspection you should review the car seat directions and attempt to install the car seat yourself. Our officers will inspect the installation, help make corrections if needed, give tips, and help answer any questions you have about car seat safety. When you leave we want you to be able to reinstall your own car seat at any time on your own. To make an appointment please contact Sergeant Shurmantine at (913) 742-6782. On the day of inspection it's best to have the child present for the inspection to confirm the seat is a proper fit for your child. 
Traffic Safety Unit Equipment
The Traffic Safety Unit utilizes state of the art equipment and technology to assist in investigating traffic crashes and enforce hazardous moving violations in the city.

Some of the equipment the traffic officers use:

Stalker DSR 2X Radars
This radar unit has the latest technology in police radar with features such as automatic fastest speed reading for targets and direction sensing (the radar actually knows and verbally tells you what direction the target is moving in relation to the patrol car). In stationary mode, the unit can be set to register only approaching targets or only moving away targets or both directions. This radar is extremely fast in acquiring a target speed of a moving vehicle.

Kustom ProLaser® III & IV (LIDAR)
The latest technology in LIDAR (laser) for police use. These units give the officer the ability to single out a target vehicle and acquire their speed. It only gives speeds of targets that the operator chooses. It utilizes cross hairs in a heads up display to pick the target.

FARO 3D Scanner
The scanner captures the evidence of a crash scene faster than the SOKKIA Total Station.  It documents everything that we need to analyze and reconstruct crash scenes.  This piece of equipment also allows us to clear the road faster.  The Faro scanner uses millions of points to accurately document the scene at the exact time the scan was completed.  Not only does it scan, it takes pictures of different items during the scans.  We can use a computer software in the courtroom, which allows for the Judge or Jurors to "walk through" the scene.

Scene 2 Go and FARO Zone 3D Mapping Software
Used in conjunction with the total station, the information is downloaded and saved to later print out crash scene diagrams or crime scenes. It has the capability to import digital crash scene pictures into the crash scene as well as create a three-dimensional view of the crash scene.

Digital Cameras

All serious car crash scenes are digitally photographed then later transferred to a server to aid in further investigation or future court proceedings.

In addition, the Traffic Safety Unit vehicles are equipped with in-car-video systems using wireless body microphones. The system is effective in recording traffic stops and suspected drunk driver investigations. Every car also has a dedicated laptop computer for report writing.

The unit also is equipped with weight scales to enforce the weight limits on the streets of Shawnee. The scales are mobile and can be quickly deployed to any location in the city to check the weight of a suspected overweight truck. The use of the scales for enforcement helps to maintain the high quality of roads in Shawnee.

The Traffic Safety Unit utilizes the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual with FLIR capability to assist with mapping crash scenes and taking aerial photographs. The Drone can be deployed from a nearby parking lot and allows for the roadway to remain open even while an investigation is taking place.