City of Shawnee

Citizen Survey

The City of Shawnee partnered with ETC Institute of Olathe, KS to conduct the 2019 Citizen Satisfaction Survey during September and October of 2019. The City does this survey as part of its ongoing effort to gauge citizen satisfaction with the quality of its services. The results help the City establish budget priorities and refine policy decisions.

The seven-page survey was mailed out to a random sample of homes in the City of Shawnee. The goal was met of having 400 residents complete the survey. The overall results for the sample of 400 households have a precision of at least +/-5% at the 95% level of confidence.

Overall, the results were extremely positive with 90% of responding residents saying Shawnee is an "excellent" or "good" place to live.

The survey results also show Shawnee ranks far above other cities around the Kansas City Metropolitan area as well as around the country in a number of major categories. This includes overall quality of local police protection, maintenance of City streets, Parks and Recreation programs and facilities, snow removal on neighborhood streets and customer service from City employees.

Citizen Survey Highlights (percentages are based on responses of “very satisfied” or “satisfied”)

Quality of Life: 84% of residents are satisfied with the quality of life in Shawnee

Public Safety: 94% are satisfied with police, fire, and ambulance services

Parks and Recreation: 83% are satisfied with the City’s Parks and Recreation facilities and programs

Value Received: 56% of residents are satisfied with the value received for their City tax dollars and fees.

Customer Service: 73% are satisfied with the customer service they receive from City employees. 

Communication: 74% are satisfied with the availability of information about programs, services and events. 

Citizens responding to the survey indicated that the two top priorities for the City over the next two years should be the flow of traffic and congestion management and police, fire and ambulance services.


There is much more in-depth and detailed information in the final report and results from the 2019 survey. Click the blue button below to check it out.