City of Shawnee

Political Signs

State law, KSA 25-2711, limits the City's ability to regulate political signs within the public right-of-way.

Political Signs on Private Property
A candidate must have permission from a property owner to place their sign on private property. Property owners may remove signs placed on their property without permission including signs on adjacent right-of-way.

Political signs are considered temporary signs, which are regulated by the Shawnee Sign Code section 17.05.090.C. The number and size of temporary signs is based on the property zoning and distance of the sign from the property line. Click here for a summary of the City's sign regulations. 

Political Signs in the Right-of-way
In an effort to be compliant with the new state law and to provide for the safety of motorists, the City will allow political signs within the street right-of-way limited to the criteria listed below:

1. Size

a. The maximum size of the sign placed on right-of-way adjoining residentially zoned property and agriculturally zoned property with a residence shall be six (6) square feet. The maximum size on right-of-way adjoining commercial, industrial, office and agriculturally zoned property without a residence is twenty (20) square feet. However, if the right-of-way is adjacent to a street with a posted speed limit of 55 mph or greater, the maximum size is thirty-two (32) square feet on commercial, industrial, office and agriculturally zoned property without a residence.

b. Signs within the right-of-way cannot be larger than two feet in height. On K-7, I-435, and Shawnee Mission Parkway the right-of-way is generally the area before the fence or frontage road property lines. On Blackfish Parkway west of Park Street, the right-of-way on the north side of the street is approximately twenty (20) feet.

2. Location

a. Signs may be placed in the unpaved street right-of-way limited to the previously noted size requirements.

b. Signs shall be setback from any street intersection at least 20 feet in order to provide clear sight lines.

c. Signs are prohibited in the center median of divided streets and within any part of a highway interchange.

The City will also enforce the following regulations:

1. Signs may not be posted on City-owned property (parks, Shawnee Town, Fire Stations, etc.)

2. Signs shall be removed within 30 days following the election.

These regulations will remain in effect 45 days before an election and 30 days after an election.

  • For the August 6, 2024 election, signs may be placed no sooner than June 22, 2024 and must be removed no later than September 5, 2024.
  • For the November 5, 2024 election, signs may be placed no sooner than September 21, 2024 and must be removed no later than December 5, 2024.

Questions regarding placement of political signs, please contact the Community Development Department at (913) 742-6011 or at [email protected].