City of Shawnee

Odor Complaint Change

Something Stinks? Call the Hotline!
Posted on 01/13/2020
We have a slight change to our Citizen Service Request system that we want to let you know about. Instead of entering any odor complaints linked to the landfill through the online system or the Shawnee Connect app, we are encouraging people to call a new hotline. That number is (913) 894-3777.

The reason behind this change is to allow landfill management to more quickly and efficiently address any odor concerns. The City works closely with Waste Management on these issues and we all feel this new hotline will allow landfill employees to both log and address odor complaints more quickly than the existing method.

If you have any questions about this change, please send an e-mail or call (913) 742-6258.

Please note that this change only impacts odor complaints and no other issues you enter through the Citizen Service Request system.