City of Shawnee

Demolition Building Permit

Demolition Permit Guidelines (pdf)

  1. The permit fee is $60.00 (Checks should be made payable to "City of Shawnee").
  2. A description of all buildings and structures to be demolished (number of stories, wood frame, use of building, etc.).
  3. The method of demolition shall be noted on the application (no explosives).
  4. Location of demolition debris dump site (Note: Foundations are required to be completely removed from the site unless application for building permit has been made for buildback).
  5. Verification of all utility kills is required.
  6. A sketch of site and location of building on property. (Note: on site plan the location of building(s) to remain, and provisions for providing ground cover for the final site conditions).
  7. A completed Demolition Permit Application (pdf).
  8. Written permission from owner is required.
  9. Where necessary, proof of rat abatement may be required.
  10. Wells, cisterns, and septic tanks shall be abandoned in full compliance with applicable State and County regulations.
  11. Find attached the Kansas Department of Health and Environment Asbestos Demolition Notification form (pdf) which is required before a building or structure is to be demolished. Additional information can be found at the KDHE website or by calling (785) 296-1500. Submit a copy of the letter of receipt from KDHE.