City of Shawnee

Miscellaneous Permits

The City of Shawnee has adopted the 2018 International Building Code which establishes when a permit must be issued, prior to beginning work. In general terms, a permit is required to do any work regulated by the construction codes. That covers a lot of ground. Some examples of simple projects that do require a permit include adding or extending an electrical circuit, adding or extending plumbing pipes or water pipes, installing a lawn sprinkler system, replacing a hot water heater, or replacing a furnace. There are many other examples.

Most simple permits can be obtained by completing the following steps:

  • Submit a completed and signed Residential Permit Application (pdf) form to the Building Codes Division.
  • A business license is required for any contractor doing work in the City of Shawnee. Depending on the type of project, a Johnson County Contractor’s License may be required of the contractor. Homeowners can obtain permits to do work themselves on the home they live in without a license.
  • Pay the required Building Permit Fee Schedule (pdf).

Plans which show the scope of the work may be required, depending on the complexity and nature of the proposed work.