City of Shawnee

House or Structure Moving

Permits are required to move any building or structure having a floor area greater than 250 square feet across any portion of the public right-of-way in the City of Shawnee, Kansas.

Permit applications are required to be approved by the City Council if the structure will be located within the Shawnee City limits, and may be approved by the Chief Building Official if the building is not going to be located in the city limits.

Applications must be submitted 10 working days in advance of a regular city council meeting, (not applicable if structure is just passing through Shawnee) and shall include all of the following:

  1. A permit fee of $75.00.
  2. A completed building permit Application Form (pdf), including the height and width of the house when on the trailer.
  3. A plot plan of both the present and proposed locations of the building to be moved, including legal descriptions for both lots.
  4. Two recent photographs of the structure to be moved.
  5. Information and/or application to construct adequate foundation and utilities for the structure.
  6. Proposed time, date, and route of move and estimated time of completion.
  7. Two separate $20,000 bonds, one for performance of work, and the other for damages to city property as described by ordinance Section 15.56.060.
  8. Proof that an occupational license has been obtained.
  9. A $500,000 insurance policy as described by ordinance Section 15.56.070.
  10. Proof of notification of affected utilities (electric, phone, cable, etc.).

Should you need reasonable accommodation to assist in making permit application, please contact the Building Codes Division at (913) 742-6010.