City of Shawnee

Nieman Now!

Nieman Now! encompassed four stormwater projects and a major enhancement to Nieman Road between Shawnee Mission Parkway and 55th Street. Additionally, several other adjacent streets were upgraded to provide great pedestrian and bicycle access throughout the entire area. 

The focal point of Nieman Now! was turning Nieman Road into a three lane road with a bike and pedestrian path on one side and sidewalk on the other. We added trees, benches and signs and upgraded the street light fixtures. Construction was finished up in summer 2020.

The other driver for the project was addressing flooding issues by enhancing both the capacity and the appearance of the Turkey Creek Tributary that meanders through Downtown. The first phase was the Nieman South stormwater project just north of Shawnee Mission Parkway. Crews redirected the water and installed a concrete channel that now has a walking trail next to it that extends from West 62nd Street to Nieman Road. A pedestrian bridge at 62nd Street connects that neighborhood to the west and to the businesses on Nieman Road. A new sidewalk was added east along 62nd Street to build toward the connection with the Turkey Creek Trail that runs to downtown Kansas City.

    Nieman Now