Flint Street - 66th Terrace to Johnson Drive

Project Description:

This is a new project that is included as the first project within the Street Improvement Program (SIP). This work involves complete removal and replacement of the existing street and will include grading, widening, curb, sidewalk/ADA ramps, storm drainage facilities, pavement markings, and LED streetlight luminaires. The new storm drainage improvements would connect into the proposed improvements from the Nieman North drainage project.

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Capital Improvement

Project Category:
Street Improvements

Project Contact:
Ron Freyermuth, P.E. (913)238-2621

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Status Details:

This project is being built through the Design-Build process whereas the designer and contractor work together and provide a final product to the City for a set maximum dollar amount. Staff has requested qualifications from several teams and has narrowed those teams down to 3 firms/contractors to provide proposals to complete the work. The proposals were submitted to the City on August 8th, and interviews will be conducted on August 23rd. A winning team will be decided through a committee and a recommendation will be brought to the September 11, 2017 City Council for approval.

This first phase of the project will include conducting a neighborhood meeting and discuss the features to be included with the project. Construction is expected to begin in the Spring 2018 and be complete by the end of summer.