2012 Spring General Election
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2012 Spring General Election

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The 2012 spring general election will be held on April 3, 2012. Candidates interested in running for City Council office should obtain a Candidate Filing Packet from the City Clerk's office.

The City will accept filings on December 1, 2011 through 12:00 noon on January 24, 2012. Candidates may not file or withdraw after the deadline. The 2012 Election Calendar contains important dates to guide you through the process.

Filing Forms

Declaration of Intention (pdf)
Statement of Substantial Interest (pdf)
Biographical Data (pdf)


Two fees are required:
*Filing fee: $10.00 - Make checks payable to the Johnson County Election commission.
*Report fee: $35.00 - Make checks payable to the City of Shawnee.

All forms and fees should be filed with the City Clerk's office. The City Clerk will forward the forms and fees to the Johnson County Election Commission and to the Kansas Commission on Governmental Standards and Conduct.

Filing by Petition
Candidate may file by petition in lieu of paying the $10 filing fee. Candidates must have signature of 1% of ballots cast in the district at the last general City election (see chart below) or 50 signatures, whichever is less. The report fee of $35.00 is still required.

Ballots Cast in Last General City Election
Signatures Required
Ward I Councilmember
Ward II Councilmember
Ward III Councilmember
Ward IV Councilmember

The top section of the Nonpartisan Nomination Petition, stating the candidate's name (as it is to appear on the ballot), address, office sought, etc., must be completed before the petition can be circulated and signed. The candidate may circulate the petition throughout the ward, or for the Mayor, throughout the City. Other circulators must be registered voters and may only carry the petition in their county or, if for a ward office, the circulator must reside within the ward.

The circulator of each page of the petition must witness every signature placed on the page. No one may sign more than one petition for any office. Petition signers must include their printed name, signature, address, city, zip and date signed. All address information should be the same as that by which the person is registered to vote. If more than one form is being circulated for the same candidate, all must be submitted as a group to the City Clerk's office at one time. Every petition must be completed on the reverse side and notarized.

Questions regarding nomination petitions should be directed to the Election Division of the Office of Secretary of State, Kris W. Kobach, (785) 296-4561. Questions regarding candidate filing procedures or general election information should be directed to the Keith Campbell, City Clerk at (913) 742-6243. Additional information may be obtained by visiting the Johnson County Election Office website or by calling the Johnson County Election Commissioner at (913) 782-3441.