Volunteer Spotlight
Volunteer Spotlight

Name: John Bowman

Volunteer Position:
Residential Security Specialist

Police Department-Crime Analysis Unit

How long have you been volunteering with the City of Shawnee?
Since April of 2014, so almost three years.

What are the primary duties in your position?
I have a regular schedule at the Police Department. On a weekly basis, I go through the previous week’s crime cases associated with residential and/or auto theft and/or burglary. I send letters to the victims offering an assessment of their home to take precautions against any future burglaries. My goal is to make their home as unattractive to burglars as possible recommending low or no cost solutions. Since starting in my role, I’ve sent well over 100 letters of offer. Most of my home assessments are initiated after a request has been sent to the Police Department by a Shawnee resident. Thus far I've completed probably 50 to 60 assessments. In preparation to begin the assessments, I created the checklist that I use; and the PD staff reviewed and approved the checklist. After the assessment, I complete a report with recommendations and then send to the homeowner. More recently I’ve been working with Shawnee PD’s CORE officer, Roman Madrigal, to promote awareness in the community through presentations.

Why did you choose to volunteer for the City of Shawnee?
I spent 20 years in the Navy and then moved on to employment in the federal government as a Security Specialist retiring from that work in 2003. My last job was in the Pentagon (which happens to be where I met my wife). Since my wife and I had no future plans in the Northern Virginia area, we moved to the country in central KS, which was quite a change from the Washington area. After two years we decided we needed more opportunities and came to Shawnee. I took a job as a Physical Security Specialist at Sprint. That was probably the best job of my career; it was difficult to leave but I felt that after 43 years working, it was time to relax. Although finally retired, I firmly believe you need to stay busy doing something and to do that, I found volunteering in the security field was a perfect fit.

How has volunteering been a rewarding experience for you?
I really enjoy being able to improve the safety and wellbeing of residents in Shawnee. I’m making contributions to improve others’ lives and there is a great degree of self-satisfaction. I love helping people and having the ability to positively impact people’s lives.

What are your interests outside of volunteering?
I like to think of myself as a professional volunteer. I also volunteer in the security and admissions departments at Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Until just recently, I was a My Volunteer Pal with the Shawnee Mission School District. I love photography, travel, working in the yard and being outdoors. I enjoy cooking and having grown up in New Orleans, I make some pretty good Cajun dishes.