Tidy Town (Bulky Item Pick Up)
Tidy Town (Bulky Item Pick Up)

Tidy Town, the City's large item pickup will take place for residents who live west of Pflumm on Saturday, May 3rd. Your trash hauler is responsible for picking up these items. This service is included in your basic rate.

Contact your hauler for specific instructions and a list of items that they will pick up. Remember, do not place hazardous materials such as car batteries, paints, solvents, or liquid waste out for collection. Call Johnson County Health and Environment for disposal of these items at 715-6900.

Haulers will pick up all items that they accept that look like they are out for pick up. Be sure to remove items that you want to keep such as basketball goals, containers you intend on keeping, etc. from the curb during your collection day.

Special Reminder: If you are a Deffenbaugh customer, you will need to set one of your Deffenbaugh carts at the end of the curb so they know to pick up your items. If you do not do this, your items will not be collected.