Shawnee 101
Shawnee 101

To keep residents informed about the services the City provides and to increase awareness, the City offers an assortment of free presentations for citizens. If you are interested in scheduling one of these programs for your neighborhood or group, please contact Vicki Charlesworth at (913) 742-6242. We will work with you to set a date and time to come to a home, workplace or meeting place.

Image of Mayor Jeff Meyers SpeakingShawnee - The Basics

Whether you are a community activist, prospective council member, Board or Commission member, volunteer or neighborhood association leader…you are invited to participate in Shawnee - The Basics, a short course summarizing city government and how it works. A representative from the City Manager’s office will cover current issues related to municipal services, public finance, economic development, intergovernmental relations, public safety and a variety of other related topics.

City Hall Tours

Shawnee City HallWe want you to feel comfortable coming to City Hall and that’s why we offer tours to boy and girl scouts, students, civic groups and the general public. Tours include a brief description of municipal operations; how ordinances become laws; the election process; the importance of civic participation and responsibility; and a guided tour through the departments located in City Hall. Tours are a great way to learn more about how local government operates and provides a “behind-the-scenes” look at how the City maintains the quality of services offered to the citizens of Shawnee. To schedule a tour contact the City Clerk’s Department at (913) 631-2500.

Property Maintenance

Keeping your property up to code is important for the safety of everyone in your neighborhood, but what exactly does “up to code” mean? The City has many rules regarding the maintenance of the interior and exterior of your home or business. From weeds to junk vehicles, the City has rules to ensure the health, safety and welfare of your entire neighborhood. Have a City Codes Official meet with your group to provide tips on how to keep your property up to code.

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to get involved and give back to the Shawnee community? The City has many opportunities for people of all ages to volunteer. There are many fun activities and events hosted by the City throughout the year, and there are also some great non-profit organizations in our community that can always use an extra hand. Volunteering is not only a great way to give back to your community, but also a fun way to get to know people in Shawnee! Invite a staff member to visit with your group and provide information about how to get involved!

What’s Happening in Your Part of Town

Are you curious about what might be planned for the areas surrounding your neighborhood, school or business? There could be a new park, shopping center, road or neighborhood being proposed. An engineer or member of the Parks and Recreation staff will share any plans that may affect your area. Schedule one of our staff members to visit with your group to see what the future may hold!

CIP (Capital Improvement Plan)

Did you know that the City has a six year plan of proposed capital projects for the City? This is known as the Capital Improvement Plan or CIP and it impacts the entire community. These projects include anything from roads to new public buildings. Have our City Engineer meet with your group to talk about upcoming city projects.

Recreational OpportunitiesRecreational Opportunities

Shawnee is privileged to have one of the best Parks and Recreation departments in the Kansas City metro area. From the trails to the facilities to the recreational opportunities, there is something for residents of all ages. Meet with our Recreation Specialist to learn about the classes Shawnee has to offer!

Animal Control

Have you ever wondered what to do about the stray dog you always see running through your neighborhood? One of our Community Service Officers will meet with your group to talk about stray animals, how to report a lost animal, and why it is important to license your cat and/or dog. They will also cover topics including safety with animals and what regulations the City has regarding animals.

Boards and Commissions

One of the greatest challenges of governance is finding a balance between the interests of the community as a whole and those who have a special stake in a particular issue. Citizens that serve on the City’s Boards and Commissions help strike that balance by looking for solutions that work for the entire community. A staff member from the City Clerk’s Department will explain the City’s Boards and Commissions, what they do and how they do it, and how citizens can become involved as a member of one of them.

Traffic In and Around Shawnee

Have you ever wondered why speed limits are set the way they are or why Police Officers take radar at one location more than another? Did you ever wonder when a road will be widened from two to four-lanes? These and other questions about traffic control and enforcement are answered by the City Traffic Engineer and a representative of the Police Department’s Traffic Division.

House Watch

Are you planning a vacation over the summer? Would you enjoy the trip more if you knew police officers are checking your home? In a continued effort to better serve residents, the Police Department has established on-line Property Check requests. A Community Policing Officer explains how the service works and how to sign-up for it.

Personal Safety

Learn ways to increase your awareness of your surroundings protect yourself against crimes and defend yourself. A Community Policing Officer teaches community teens and adults what steps they can take to keep them out of harms way.

Disaster Preparedness

Disaster PreparednessAre you ready? This is a quick and informative introduction to disaster preparedness. It’s perfect for individuals, families, or groups and it provides the basics of how to survive after a major emergency. The Shawnee Fire Department provides the training materials and instructors; you provide the interest and enthusiasm! This class covers the basics of what to do before, during, and after a major emergency.

Fire Prevention

The best way to protect life and property from fire is to prevent that fire from happening in the first place. The two main objectives of this fire safety class taught by members of the Shawnee Fire Department are preventing fires and knowing what to do when one occurs.

Stormwater Quality and Control

The City has taken steps to maintain its stormwater drainage system to help reduce the flooding of homes, as well as reduce other problems associated with stormwater runoff such as property erosion, standing water in streets and yards, and the flooding of garages and storage sheds. The Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program explains the City’s plan to manage current and future stormwater issues.

Shawnee Town 1929

In 2002, the City Council initiated a strategic planning process for Old Shawnee Town and a whole new plan for the town came out of that process. Listen as a representative of the museum discusses the strategic plan to convert Shawnee Town from the prairie farm of the 1800’s to the farming town that existed in the late 1920’s.

If you would like a printed version of the Shawnee 101, please visit the City Brochures library.