Policy Statements
Policy Statements
TitleApproved DateRevised Date
(PS-1) Policy Code Development Process02/06/200604/14/2014
(PS-3) Equal Employment Opportunity and Non-Discrimination11/09/197604/28/2014
(PS-4) Public Facilities, Use for Social or Fund Raising Events08/14/197803/24/2003
(PS-5) Mowing Grass and Weeds08/14/197809/01/2011
(PS-6) Substandard Vacant Houses05/24/198206/23/2003
(PS-07) Conduct of Public Meetings05/27/198001/09/2017
(PS-08) Stormwater Management Program: Drainage System Improvements and Maintenance05/27/198009/14/2015
(PS-9) Grant Requests for Social Programs01/13/198106/23/2003
(PS-11) Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Program01/3/198105/28/2013
(PS-12) Baseball, Softball, Soccer and Sports Field Use05/24/198212/14/2015
(PS-13) Construction of concrete Driveway Approaches in Conjunction with City Funded Street Improvement Projects11/22/198204/14/2014
(PS-14) Animal Control - Wildlife03/23/198105/27/2003
(PS-15) Open Records01/23/198410/28/2013
(PS-19) Placement, Removal or Relocation of Street Lights11/23/198712/08/2014
(PS-21) IRB and Property Tax Exemption Policy09/11/198902/24/2014
(PS-24) Utility Junction Boxes04/14/199209/25/2006
(PS-25) Flashing Beacon, Crossing Guard and Pedestrian Crosswalks06/22/199212/08/2014
(PS-26) Americans with Disabilities Act09/29/199204/28/2014
(PS-27) Development and Service Fees, Surety Requirements, and Insurance Requirements01/25/199304/25/2016
(PS-30) Rental Policy for Civic Centre and Shawnee Town Facilities02/22/199301/09/2017
(PS-31) Open Gym05/09/199412/12/2016
(PS-32) Special Assessments Against Open Space within Subdivisions12/12/199405/27/2003
(PS-33) Acquisition of Right-of-Way and Easement for City Improvement Projects08/14/199504/14/2014
(PS-34) Issuance of Building Permits in Residential Subdivisions08/28/199503/09/2009
(PS-35) Temporary Closure of Public Streets11/11/199604/28/2003
(PS-36) Neighborhood Focus Policy01/13/199704/14/2014
(PS-37) Alcohol/Drug Free Graduation Activity Funding03/25/199604/12/2010
(PS-38) Private Street Policy06/08/199806/23/2003
(PS-39) Investment Policy09/14/199802/24/2014
(PS-40) Bicycle and Recreational Trail Master Plan10/11/199901/12/2009
(PS-42) Regulatory Sign Placement10/08/200112/08/2014
(PS-43) Records Management11/12/200106/23/2003
(PS-44) Off Premise Free Standing Automated Teller Machines11/26/200106/23/2003
(PS-45) Fees for Shawnee Aquatic Centers09/23/200212/12/2016
(PS-46) Street Maintenance Program01/27/200303/23/2015
(PS-47) Downtown Improvement Program10/27/200311/23/2015
(PS-48) Parks and Recreation Scholarship Fund08/08/200511/25/2013
(PS-49) Cemetery Administration08/08/200509/12/2016
(PS-50) Tax Increment Finance (TIF) Policy02/27/200602/24/2014
(PS-51) Sump Pump Discharge Facilities within the Right-of-Way02/27/200604/14/2014
(PS-52) Landscaping within the Right-of-Way02/06/200604/14/2014
(PS-54) Street Banner on Johnson Drive07/24/2006
(PS-55) Enforcement of Municipal Regulations Related to Property Maintenance04/09/200705/22/2017
(PS-56) City Licensing Fee Schedule01/02/200810/24/2016
(PS-57) Sustainable Shawnee02/11/2008
(PS-59) Tow Service Provider Agreements, Application Fees, Maximum Towing Charges05/27/200802/08/2010
(PS-60) Shelter Reservations and User Fee12/08/200812/14/2015
(PS-61) Community Improvement District (CID) and Transportation Development District Policy (TDD)09/14/200902/24/2014
(PS-62) Solid Waste and Recycling License Fees01/25/2010
(PS-63) Shawnee Farmers' Market Fees and Operating Procedures05/10/201003/23/2015
(PS-64) False Alarm Fees4/11/2011
(PS-65) Economic Development Fund06/11/201202/22/2016
(PS-66) Comprehensive Financial Policy10/14/2013
(PS-67) Total Compensation Policy10/28/2013
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(PS-68) Street Improvement Program07/28/201411/23/2015
(PS-69) Disposition of Real Property10/27/2014
(PS-70) City Communications Policy01/11/2016
(PS-71) City Council Vacancy Appointment Process08/22/2016
(PS-72) Boards and Commissions Recruitment and Appointment Process10/01/2017