City Construction Projects: Development
City Construction Projects: Development

Below are links to help you find a list of the City's current construction projects, project studies, and other informational links.

City Construction Projects

Project NameStatusUpdated
Caenen Street & Johnson Drive Drainage ProjectConstruction 07/02/2014
59th Terrace and Quivira Road Drainage ProjectConstruction 07/02/2014
Shawnee Town 1929Construction 08/14/2014
K-7 Highway Corridor Improvements – at 75th Street and 43rd StreetDesign 08/01/2014
Erfurt ParkConstruction 08/14/2014
Storm Drainage Improvements - 60th Street and Barton Street (Phase 1)Construction 08/14/2014
Shawnee Creek Storm Drainage Improvements Construction 07/02/2014
Shawnee Mission Parkway and Woodland Intersection ImprovementsDesign 08/01/2014
Johnson Drive & Halsey Street Drainage ProjectDesign 07/18/2014
2014 Stormwater Pipe Repair ProjectDesign 07/02/2014
2014 Stormwater Pipe - Large Diameter Lining ProjectDesign 07/02/2014
2014 Stormwater Pipe - Small Diameter Lining ProjectDesign 07/02/2014
2014 Mill and Overlay ProgramConstruction 08/01/2014

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