Stormwater Links
Stormwater Links

The following website links are not maintained by the City of Shawnee.

Stormwater Links

The following links provide more information about floodplains, flood, weather safety, and general flood information:

1. General Flood Information

  1. City of Shawnee, Kansas, Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program
  2. Floodplain Management in Kansas (Quick Guide)
  4. Floodplain Management SMC 11.32.00

2. Real Time Rainfall and River Gauge Data for Johnson County
  1. Johnson County/Kansas City Metro Rainfall Gauge - Note: You can use your mouse to zoom in closer to the rainfall gauge nearest your location. Selecting that gauge data will allow you to view a detailed chart showing the average rainfall in that area in 4-hour increments. Other data is available on the title bar at the top of this page.
  2. National Weather Service Forecast for Shawnee

3. Flood Safety
  1. Flood and Weather Safety (Johnson County Emergency Management)
  2. Region L Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

4. Flood Warning Information
  1. Get a NOAA All-Hazards Radio
  2. Johnson County Flood Warning System
  3. Kansas City Metro Flood Alert System Map
  4. National Weather Service Forecast for Shawnee

5. Substantial Improvement or Damage to a Structure
  1. Provisions For Flood Hazard Reduction SMC 11.32.060
No permit for Floodplain Development shall be granted for new construction, Substantial-Improvements (of over 50%), and other improvements, including the placement of Manufactured Homes, within any numbered or unnumbered A zones, AE, AO, and AH zones, unless the conditions of this Section are satisfied.

6. Natural and Beneficial Functions of a Floodplain
  1. Natural and Beneficial Functions of a Floodplain
  2. FEMA Task Force: Natural and Beneficial Functions of a Floodplain

7. Dumping in Streamways Prohibited
  1. Homeowner Tips for Improving Water Quality (MARC)
  2. Storm Drain Stewardship (MARC)
  3. Pollution of Streams Prohibited SMC 8.36.010
  4. Dumping and Polluting of Waterways Prohibited SMC 11.12.040

Drainage Maintenance Program:
The City of Shawnee has a Comprehensive Stormwater Management Program with several goals that support the maintenance of the City’s Stormwater Maintenance Program.

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