Newspaper Rack Permit
Newspaper Rack Permit

The City regulates the placement, appearance, servicing and number of news racks on public right-of-ways. News rack means any self-service or coin-operated box, container, storage unit or other dispenser installed, used or maintained for the display and sale of newspapers or other news periodicals.


  • Must obtain a News Rack Permit from the City Clerk’s office specifying the exact location of such rack(s).
  • Only one (1) permit may be issued to include any number of news racks.
  • No news rack shall exceed five (5) feet in height, thirty (30) inches in width, or two (2) feet in thickness.
  • News racks shall not be stacked one on top of another.
  • No news racks shall be used for advertising signs or publicity purposes other than that dealing with the display, sale, or purchase of the newspaper or news periodical offered for sale therein.
  • Each news rack shall be maintained in a neat and clean fashion and in good repair at all times.

A complete list of regulations can be found in Chapter 5.44 of the Shawnee Municipal Code.

The completed application must be submitted by mail or in person to City Clerk’s office, 11110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66203.

Newspaper Rack Permit Application (pdf)

There is no fee for a Newspaper Rack permit.