Police Officer Hiring Process: Human Resources
Police Officer Hiring Process: Human Resources

JOB TITLE: Police Officer
Commissioned Officers eligible for a $2,000 new-hire bonus, restrictions apply.

Police Recruiting Brochure (pdf)

    The City of Shawnee accepts employment applications for the position of Police Officer on an on-going basis. Employment applications are kept on file for one (1) year.

    An employee of this classification performs duties related to public safety through enforcement of laws and ordinances, public education and hazard correction. The police officer hiring process consists of a Physical Ability Examination, a series of interviews, a background investigation, polygraph, and job fit assessment. Job offers are contingent on the successful completion of a post offer physical and drug screen.

    Applicants selected to participate in the Physical Ability Exam (pdf) will be notified via the email address provided on the employment application. Applicants who do not have an email address must note a daytime phone number. The City of Shawnee utilizes the Johnson County Community College Police Academy Training Center for the Physical Agility Test.

    Salary Range:
      Police Officer I - $38,480 - $55,806
      Police Officer II - $43,493 - $63,045
      Police Officer III - $49,130 - $71,240

    The City of Shawnee implemented a career development program which added two additional levels of Police Officer positions. The criteria to move up to the next level is based on years of service and satisfactory performance evaluations. Movement to Police Officer II occurs on an individuals 4th merit eligibility date (4 years of continuous regular full-time service). Movement to Police Officer III occurs on an individuals 8th merit eligibility date (after 8 years of regular full-time service). When an officer is reclassified to PO II or a PO III, he/she receives a 5% salary adjustment.

    New Police Officers who are Kansas certified* and have a minimum of one year of police patrol** experience are eligible for a $2,000 bonus during their first year of employment

    *To qualify as a certified officer in Kansas, one must have graduated from a Kansas police academy or an academy in another state where the training standards are accepted by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.

    **Patrol experience refers to patrol only. Experience in corrections, with railroad police, or other non-patrol duties will not suffice.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • An employee of this classification performs duties related to public safety through enforcement of laws and ordinances, public education, and hazard correction.
    • High school diploma or the equivalent.
    • Minimum 21 years of age.
    • Valid driver's license and an acceptable driving record.
    • Successful completion of physical ability test, background investigation including a job fit assessment, polygraph examination, pre-employment physical and pre-employment drug screen.
    • Successful completion of oral examination by Staff and Police Chief.
    • Kansas residency not required.

    Automatic exclusions include:
    • Automatic exclusions include more than three (3) no contest/convictions of moving violations in the last one (1) year period, a no contest/conviction of driving under the influence of alcohol within a one (1) year period from application date, and/or a no contest/conviction of driving under the influence of a controlled substance within a one (1) year period.
    • Any illegal drug use within the past two years.