Going-Out-of-Business Permit
Going-Out-of-Business Permit

Business License

Going-out-of-business sale is a sale held out in such a manner as to reasonably cause the public to believe that upon the disposal of the stock of goods on hand the business will cease and be discontinued.


  • Must obtain a valid Going-Out-of-Business License from the City Clerk’s office prior to selling or offering to sell any goods at a sale to be advertised or held out by any means to be one of the following kinds: Going-out-of-business; removal of business sale; fire and other altered stock sale.
  • The license shall authorize only the sale of goods described in the inventory attached to the application for a period of not more than thirty (30) consecutive days, Sundays and legal holidays excluded.
  • Upon being issued a license, the licensee shall surrender to the City Clerk all other business licenses issued.

A complete list of regulations can be found in Chapter 5.36 of the Shawnee Municipal Code.

The completed application must be submitted by mail or in person to City Clerk’s office, 11110 Johnson Drive, Shawnee, KS 66203.

Going Out of Business Permit Application (pdf)

The fee is $75.00 and is due at the time application is made. The fee is not prorated and no refund is available.