Plan for Federal Stimulus Money
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Plan for Federal Stimulus Money

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Funds

Recovery.Gov LogoIn February 2009, Congress passed, and President Obama signed, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The ARRA provides funding in various categories ranging from transportation, public safety, green infrastructure energy efficiency and conservation, to Community Block Development grants. As we make decisions on how best to use stimulus funds to benefit Shawnee, our goals are to:

  • Identify projects that benefit our residents;
  • Build a more sustainable government; and
  • Create jobs and stimulating our local economy.

What types of projects have we submitted for funding?
  • Road Projects
  • Trail Projects
  • Environmental Bank Stabilization Projects along our Trail System
  • Public Safety Employees
  • Equipment Retrofits to reduce Emissions
  • Green Infrastructure

What stimulus dollars were allocated as a result of our submittal?
  • Street Overlay
  • Retrofitting outdated video equipment in our Police Cars with digital video equipment;
  • A small street improvement project (57th Street) in an older area of the City.
  • Green Infrastructure at the Justice Center

An energy audit of key City buildings with the idea of retrofitting some of our buildings to make them more efficient with projects like:
  • Lighting Retrofit;
  • Water Saving Sinks, Toilets, etc.
  • Programmable Thermostats,
  • Energy Efficient Heating/A/C System for Civic Centre; or
  • Energy Efficient Roof for Fire Station 73.
  • Glass Recycling Program.
  • Justice Center Best Management Practices Water Quality Project.

The Justice Center was completed in 2008. The design and construction plans for the development were completed prior to implementation of regulations requiring Water quality Best Management Practices (BMP), and BMPs in the development are only targeted to controlling stormwater peak rates. The proposed project will retrofit Water Quality BMPs on the site to bring the site into compliance with the requirements that would have been placed on the site if constructed under the current City Stormwater Quality Treatment ordinance.

The project will also provide opportunities to implement multiple BMPs and monitor the effect of the BMPs on pollutant concentrations in stormwater runoff from the site. The following water quality BMPs will be implemented on the site, including: Native Vegetation, Extended Dry Detention, Bio-Swale, Bio-retention, Rain Garden, and Extended Wet Detention. The proposed project also includes interpretive signs, walking trail, sampling equipment, construction contingency, and engineering study, design, and inspection.

We have also applied for funding for, but haven’t received notice yet about:

  • Hiring Police Officers. The City received notice in late July 2009 that we were not selected for first round funding. Additional funds may be available in the future and the City will continue to pursue these.
  • Replacement of a Fire Truck to improve emissions; and
  • Retrofitting our Public Works Trucks to improve emissions.
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Funds
Amount Available
Kansas Surface Transportation Funding through MARCTransportation Programs
Street Resurfacing:
Bid Spring 2010.
City Projects: Street Improvements

Quivira Road - 64th Street to South City Limit

Nieman - 59th Street to Shawnee Mission Parkway

83rd Street - Hedge Lane Terrace to Monticello Terrace

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block GrantFor energy efficiency projects

Funding is allocated based on size of City.

Shawnee will receive a designated amount and will not have to compete for funds.
Energy Audit at Key Facilities.

Glass Recycling Program

Regional Sustainability Project with MARC.

Lighting and HVAC Upgrades at Various City Facilities.

Education Program for New Trash/Recycling Ordinance.

LED Lighting Project.
Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance GrantBroad range of activities to prevent and control crime and to improve the criminal justice system.

Digital in-car video/audio systems for patrol vehicles.

Special Narcotics Tracking Equipment
Kansas Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund through Kansas Department of Health and EnvironmentProjects that address water quality such as projects that manage/treat stormwater, maintain/restore the natural hydrology of an area, and that demonstrate new or innovative approaches to more sustainable water management.
Justice Center Best Management Practices Water Quality Project Improvements.

P.N. 3356 Justice Center Stormwater Quality BMP Retrofit

Community Development Block Grant through HUDFunding available is based on formula and is specific amount.

The City received $61,370 in CDBG Recovery Act funds.
The funds were used to pay a portion of the December billing from MEGA. The status of these funds are now expended.
Improvements along 57th Street between King and Flint.

The improvements include widening the street, installation of curbs, gutters, storm water drains, and a sidewalk.
National Clean Diesel Grant Program (subgrantee agreement with Johnson County)Emissions Reduction and Fuel Conservation
Offset the total cost of a replacement fire truck ($150,000) and retrofit nine Public Works trucks with cleaner burning motor equipment ($13,500).

For more information, contact Assistant City Manager Vicki Charlesworth at (913) 742-6242.

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