Support Services

    The Support Services Division consists of the Investigations and Staff Services Bureaus and is supervised by a commander at the rank of Major.

    The Investigations Bureau is responsible for the investigation of all crimes reported to the Police Department except those immediately cleared by the Patrol Division. The Bureau, supervised by a Captain, is staffed with 2 Sergeants, 6 General Assignment Detectives, 3 School Resource Officers, 1 Community School Resource Officer, and a Police Services Technician.

    General Assignment includes the investigation of the following crimes:

    • Person Crimes - assault, battery, sex crimes, robbery, and homicide.
    • Property Crimes - theft, burglary, vandalism, computer and financial crimes.

    The School Resource Officers are assigned to Shawnee's Middle and High Schools during the school year, and are responsible for investigating crimes occurring on school grounds and assisting with cases involving students. During the summer, the Officers assist the general assignment detectives as needed.

    The Community School Resource Officer holds several assignments, which are split between investigations, and serving as the School Resource Officer for Monticello Trails Middle School.

    Anyone with information on a Shawnee crime is encouraged to call the Shawnee Police Department at (913) 631-2150 or email Please include:
    • Type of Crime
    • Location of Crime
    • Date and Time of Crime
    • Description of Crime or Activity

    Staff Services
    The Staff Services Bureau provides support to all functions of the Police Department in the form of records and communications, and is supervised by a Captain.

    • One Police Services Supervisor
    • Two Police Services Technicians
    • Community Service Officer - Property Control

    • Supervised by a Sergeant
    • Eleven police Dispatchers

    Professional Standards
    Professional Standards was established as part of the Department's commitment to provide comprehensive law enforcement services in a fair and professional manner. The Staff Services Captain oversees the professional conduct of the Police Officers and manages the training of those officers with the assistance of a Training Sergeant.

    The Captain is in charge of investigations into allegations of officer misconduct, critical incidents (i.e. officer involved shooting) and after action reviews of incidents such as motor vehicle pursuits and use of force reports.  The Sergeant directs the training of each Officer in the Department by ensuring the completion of necessary state required training each year. The Training Sergeant also administers the field training program for new officers.