The Shawnee Fire Department has an aggressive training and professional development program to ensure that residents and visitors to our community receive the very best service available. Members of the SFD recognize that when a citizen dials “9-1-1”, they expect prompt, professional, and compassionate service. Our training and professional development program is designed to meet that need. The fire service profession requires a great variety of very technical abilities to be employed often under the most extreme conditions. Our members are committed to community and the fire service and regularly participate in training, education, and development to meet the variety of challenges associated with provided emergency services.

    FireFighters are routinely tasked with emergency and non-emergency situations that are unique and challenging. In order to maintain certification as Emergency Medical Technicians, FireFighters must complete numerous hours of annual medical training. This training ensures our members are confident in their skills and abilities and current on the latest trends and practices in emergency medical care. In addition, FireFighters routinely engage in firefighting and rescue training. Our training includes classroom sessions as well as hands-on training evolutions designed to provide SFD personnel the best tactical ability to respond to emergency incidents of any nature.

    The members of the Shawnee Fire Department recognize that providing technical ability is only a portion of our commitment to the community. We strive to provide a level of professionalism commensurate with the trust afforded our organization. To that end, the Fire Department has an aggressive and comprehensive professional development program designed to allow our members personal and professional growth opportunities that support our mission of serving the community. Residents and visitors to the City can be assured that the firefighters, company officers, and chief staff that serve our community embody professionalism that is supported by formal education, credentialing, and professional designations. We take great pride in our commitment to excellence and strive to provide continual formal development of our members.